Cute robot like a puppy open the door to turn the wall speed incredible vidalia

Cute robot such as a dog may open the door over the fence: fast unbelievable Sina Technology News Beijing standard time on September 22nd message, far looked like has been excited dog, but this is actually a quadruped robot, it is very capable, can open the door, even more over the barbed wire. This is called a small robot Ghost Minitaur can realize various actions by programming, including jumping, trot, walk, and the kind of quadruped animal hunters hunt in the escape suddenly leaping action. The small robot is about 40 cm in height and looks almost the same size as a dog, but it has a maximum speed of about 4.5 miles per hour (about 7.2 kilometers). This is called a small robot Ghost Minitaur "can be inverted and open the door, but the most unbelievable is that it can still own over the barbed wire fence and other robots but different is that when the robot encounters obstacles in the way, such as a ladder, a closed door, or is a barbed wire fence, it can rely on their own strength through. Recently, a small robot by the manufacturer, headquartered in Philadelphia, the "ghost" robotic company (Ghost Robotics) released a short video display, this little robot was able to jump high and press down the handle of the door, then excitedly opened the original closed door. In another scene, this little robot encounters a barbed wire fence, it quickly climbed the fence and slowly over the obstacles. The robot is also able to cope with the rugged terrain, the researchers say, because of its complex sensor system that helps it identify the environment and respond accordingly. The four retractable, triangular shaped mechanical legs allow it to roll over, and deal with difficult terrain, such as gravel. "This product uses a high torque brushless motor as well as a special leg design that allows it to run and jump on complex terrain," robotic company said in a statement. The high speed and high resolution encoder is installed to allow the robot to observe the surrounding terrain more clearly and react instantaneously. Its four legs can also be used to take some active action on the environment, such as moving an obstacle or opening a closed door." The robot was originally designed by robotics scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, which is designed to mimic animals that can run and jump on complex terrain surfaces. Although there are some other development company is to carry out complex terrain robot applications, such as the famous Boston power company, but the spirit of robotic company team think their product features is very compact and lightweight design style. To this small robot, for example, its weight is only about 5 kg, compared with the Boston power company developed the big dog robot weight as high as 109 kg. De (Avik) is Pennsylvania相关的主题文章:

Successful entrepreneurs have been pouring chicken soup Don’t let the cult of goods ruin your career vidown

Successful entrepreneurs have been pouring chicken soup? Don’t let the cult of goods ruin your career! The leaves of Zhansheng reported in October 7th (Translation: Leng Jie) editor’s note: the author is Susa Ventures partner Leo Polovets. The Second World War II Pacific War, U.S. forces in the Pacific island Melanesia established a temporary base. At that time the native island saw us in the "big ship" (ships) out, also see some "big plane" (military aircraft) wearing the uniform of the US military transport. The natives felt very surprised and felt that these "big ship" and "big plane" is very powerful. In addition, the United States also provided some of the material to the indigenous people, and these materials are very useful for the indigenous people, the results of these Native Americans as god. After the end of the Second World War, the Americans left the Melanesian Island, leaving only a few military uniforms and goods. These indigenous think these goods have magical power, and believe that "God" (U.S.) he will come back, bring more goods, so they started a new era of happiness. So these indigenous himself developed a form of worship, worship of military uniforms and goods. The forms of religion are indigenous to wear military uniforms raised the United States flag, is the totem wood plane. Of course, the U.S. military did not come back, and these indigenous people because only see the surface of novelty, and did not study their essence, and therefore can not get any improvement. This story also reflects the status of entrepreneurship. Silicon Valley is a Melanesian island as above as magical place, it is never a lack of ambition and innovation, but also full of cargo cult phenomenon. The famous founders and investors will be the same as the God worship and imitation, while those in the people still do not know what went wrong. The root of the worship of goods, whether investors, founders or ordinary employees, inevitably entered the cycle of worship of goods. People try to learn from the successful experience, standing on the shoulders of giants, but these "secrets" are more or less biased: survivor bias — also called "the dead do not speak", is a common fallacy. People tend to put on the aura of success, that their behavior led to their success, in fact, it is possible that they do is wrong, but survived. Because there is no survival of the people may be doing the same, but there is no opportunity to speak out (even if it will not be heard). For example: "successful CEO are very diligent." In fact, many unsuccessful CEO are also very diligent, so even 100 hours a week can not guarantee success. In recent years, people tend to judge the future by their recent historical experiences and trends, which in many cases have been proved correct. However, if the phenomenon does not understand the nature of the problem, the situation is turning, there may be completely wrong judgment and unable to extricate themselves. For example: electronic commerce must be able to invest a large sum of money! Do not believe you look at Jet and Dollar Shave.相关的主题文章:

The British and European Mac, price 20% times, it seems should buy mac- technology Sohu zuczug

The British and European Mac, price 20%, it should buy troubled Sohu Mac- & HAY! 16 tickets to invite you to participate in HAY 16 Digital Cultural Carnival. NASA, chief scientist of today’s headlines Zhang Yiming, the popular designer Zhou Ping, Qingshan gold clothing ant chief data scientist, BiliBili chairman…… 50 guests at home and abroad on November 4-5, Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, see! Long press the identification of the following two-dimensional code registration: identification of two-dimensional code can get access to welfare tickets! HAY! The 16 super hybrid field one-day ticket giveaway! (the value of 299 yuan, after all the British screenings optional) isolated for nearly one thousand years, too much. Last night, a news spread throughout the Chinese Internet circles: since the referendum in June 23rd since the euro, the pound against the U.S. dollar has fallen by nearly 20%. Therefore, Mac Pro, Mac Mini prices rose 20%, iMac 4K and 5K to raise the price of $300, the new MacBook Pro price increases nearly doubled. Such bad news not only make the UK fruit powder Voices of discontent. As one of the best material, China eat melon crowd. In this news comment area, many users feel that apple is a microcosm of the price: the British economy, especially by the impact of globalization, the largest science and technology in this area is definitely a pill. Indeed, not to mention the issue of exchange rate, being isolated from outside Europe, meaning that talent, the market will shrink, capital attraction is greatly reduced, especially for start-up companies. It may make sense to make this judgment, but it underestimates the rich experience of the British in dealing with the continent’s isolation. In fact, just after the removal of Europe, the number of British venture picked up. A new report pointed out that the British venture backed startups in the third quarter of 2016 of the 110 transactions to raise a total of $834 million in funds, reversing a series of decline since April 2015. This shows that although the EU has caused many adverse factors, but investors are still optimistic about here. Is this because of the overall increase in investment? No, because of the global economic environment, the global venture capital is just down. The latest data from CBInsights and KPMG show that venture backed startups have raised $24 billion globally, down by 14% from the previous quarter. Look at this, the British venture capital results can really be said to be good. Why is there no real "pill" in Britain? The first is that when European startups are planning to leave London, they have nowhere to go. London’s language strengths, openness and flexibility in the government sector are still important considerations for entrepreneurs. Compared to other large companies gathered in places such as Berlin, London has more entrepreneurial related infrastructure and talent advantage. For some emerging cities such as Dublin, Amsterdam, London has a larger body mass相关的主题文章:

The advent of the traditional crash, you in what position should the Hong Kong stock speculation pp点点通2006

The advent of the traditional "crash", you in what position should the Hong Kong stock speculation? Hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Wen Wenwen and the "five poor six off seven turn" is similar to that of October has been called the "Hong Kong stock market crash month". "Five poor and no more than seven turn over" in this year, once again to be verified by the six. And into October, the Hong Kong stocks began to perform well, first even rose four days, only on Friday in the periphery of the drag down. However, the next trend is intriguing. Some experts believe that the Hang Seng Index in the third quarter has risen 4000 points in October rose on the guards, probably there will be a technical adjustment rate. Camouflage and external uncertainties, if in the short term may fall of 23200 points, dropping 22000 points. The Hang Seng Index fell in October can escape the nightmare? What are the external factors which are worth paying special attention to? October 20th had fluctuation early warning successfully predicted the 2008 financial tsunami VIBHS financial chief market strategist, global top 50 famous traders Sandy Jadeja early in June, a British exit before the referendum, to remind investors must pay attention to the 3 big day, respectively, between August 26 to 30 September 26th, October 20th, said there may be large fluctuations. Review of the market can be found, indeed as expected, during the period from August 26 to 30, Hong Kong stocks and stocks in the doldrums, Hong Kong stocks plunged 368 in September 26th, and in October 20th, coinciding with the presidential debate, and the European central bank interest rate, is also worthy of attention. U.S. stocks or difficult to rise after the recent Goldman Sachs pointed out that a large amount of money to hold mutual funds (mutual funds) this year to sell more than buy, for the first time since 2012 this situation. As of the second quarter of this year, fund managers have sold shares in the stock market for the past third quarters. Goldman Sachs estimates that this year the mutual fund will be a net reduction of $25 billion stock. In fact, since this year the mutual fund outflows are quite serious, as of the end of September, has reached 156 billion US dollars, 2 times in 2015, is the largest since 2008, reflecting investors choose "cautious" first. Goldman Sachs pointed out that foreign investors are also gradually withdraw U.S. stocks in the first quarter of this year has been reduced by $108 billion in the second quarter holdings of $46 billion. Goldman Sachs estimates that the amount of net outflow of foreign capital stocks this year will reach $125 billion. In the water reduction, the fourth quarter of the United States is difficult to raise, which will adversely affect the Hong Kong stock market. The bank is on相关的主题文章:

12 small flies near Xiaojiahe, the exclusive memory of old Chengdu! – Sohu to eat and drink tencent upd

12 small flies near Xiaojiahe, the exclusive memory of old Chengdu! Sohu and the head last week went to Xiaojiahe to buy auto parts, when the master feet pedal, went to the imperial dam to rub a meal, that today I don’t queue. This store opened for many years, business has been good, cheap Muslim Restaurant among the stores, individual food price some people may feel expensive, but after all, they are selling beef, it should be your point. The lung is halal must point each time, each table has, spicy and delicious. His family Chili oil especially fragrant. Every time the head of the celery inside all the kuokuo pick to eat clean. Steamed beef is also a sign, the general weight, after all, beef is expensive. But the taste is really too spicy, salty sweet glutinous rice flour wrapped steamed to soft waxy beef, a bite on a whirlwind of oil, moreish. Roast beef with potatoes, carrots and beef. Beef soup, beef flavor is heavy, feeling very nourishing. Inside the radish slices back to sweet slag, delicious reluctant to swallow. Various other dishes are delicious, full of traditional Sichuan style. I often eat beef and onion, beef, braised Tofu pudding cord…… address: No. 2 Xiaojiahe Street: 43 yuan per capita in Xiaojiahe in addition to the street car accessories, kept only the old Chengdu restaurant to know! Uncle Wang from the lane inside the roadside stalls to do now, Uncle Wang is already a legendary Chengdu barbecue, but all chowhound must know his name! Branch is also one after another, Xiaojiahe this store business is good, not queuing. Brain is a must, must point to the shop! Nenqi brain, fast fierce fire roasted with no smell, taste salt to control just fine, twist the chopsticks do not stop! Uncle Wang is small potatoes will make you dazzling, jacket, a layer of skin Jiaocui, a bite of broken skin, inside the potato block like became mud, with a warm fragrance, mixed with cumin chili after a bite. Foil packs live baked yellow croaker, onion ginger garlic pepper and other spices had embedded inside the fish, put the paper cut after ripening at the end of the table, chopsticks gently twist the fish down, even the next oil are still bubbling ~ address: Xiaojiahe Xing Rong Street No. 31 (Xiaojiahe post next: 60 yuan per capita) citrus recorded Chaoshan beef in Chengdu recently appeared such a so-called Chaozhou community asked Hot pot beef shop, fresh ingredients, good taste, authentic Kung Fu, super affordable, the key is to eat a healthy. Chaoshan beef in the past few years began Hot pot, fire up, Chaoshan open beef shop, orange is recorded Chaozhou himself in the man. Here all the chefs Chaoshanese, exclusive knife skills like master, with far from Chaozhou in the original, only need a chopsticks, you have tasted the beef arena! All the beef is freshly cut, in order to ensure the new meat are not in contact with the air condition相关的主题文章: