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Micro business selling jade not only money delivery buyers will also pull the black China source: Xuzhou network marketing of WeChat, a topic today is the fire. This year, 27 year old Zhao, WeChat also sell jade. But Zhao not only money delivery, the buyer received the remittance, will pull the other black. Just one month, Zhao net 30 thousand yuan. Currently, the Copper Mt. District procuratorate has approved the arrest of the crime of fraud. Buyers: after playing the seller failed to sell the WeChat marketing, the core concept is acquaintance economy". The number of people in a group of hundreds of people, in particular, interest groups, an advertising push compared to the circle of friends, but also to achieve a multiplier effect, WeChat group is also more and more favored by the micro traders who are in favor of WeChat. But to join the WeChat group randomness, but also brings security risks. "Friends with friends, what people have dragons and fishes jumbled together." Mr. Wang, who lives in the mountains of copper remember, he saw Zhao Moufa in the WeChat group after the jade advertising, add each other as friends, I did not expect to be cheated. Mr. Wang is a jade lover, some research on jade. Through his friend, joined a group of members of the group of jade enthusiasts, mainly discuss the sale of jade stone. He recalled that in May of this year, he saw the name of hty3356 micro signal sent in the group of jade advertising, Mr. Wang exchanged with each other. After a few conversations, the other party to add Mr. Wang for WeChat friends. Mr. Wang to see the other WeChat, nicknamed the "golden Liancheng Yu hand wholesale agent". The two sides become friends, "Kim Yu Liancheng" sent a few pictures and video to Mr. Wang, is all about the jade material. "Gold Liancheng Yu" is a Changzhou jade shop, is very famous in our circle, I believe each other." Mr. Wang look at the other side of the jade picture is good, would like to buy. He started talking to each other. The other side to him in the video, which has a pile of small jade, he and the other party agreed to 3500 dollars, and the other two large jade, agreed to be $4500, a total of $8000. A ago, Mr. Wang also has a mind, deliberately left a photo ID verification. While the payee name and identity card is also consistent, Mr. Wang believes that even if there is an accident, can also according to the ID card to find people. In May 9th, Mr. Wang through Alipay to the other side of the agricultural bank card two times to 8000 yuan. After collection, the seller told Mr. Wang that he shipped second days. But the next day at noon and in the evening, he sent a message to each other, have not received a reply. On the third day, he gave each other a micro channel, let the other side as soon as possible delivery or refund. "I said, money is not shipping constitutes fraud, I will call the police, he pulled me black." Mr. Wang is surprised when, and to find the "golden Liancheng Yu" WeChat group, but found that he was back. And he saw a man in the group of a piece of jade pictures and he paid to buy jade, he asked each other the source of this jade. The other party told Mr. Wang, jade is his, he has paid the money, but has not received. Two people contrast WeChat photos, ID photos, found that the same person. Mr. Wang quickly dialed the alarm call. Account: a month.相关的主题文章:

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The excess supply of iron ore to determine the chaos Tiancheng: short rallies clients view the latest market, a macro overview from the trend, although this year GDP presented to stabilize the situation, but it is difficult to change the downward trend, the third industry contribution rate continues to rise, the growth rate of fixed asset investment continued to decline, that domestic economic restructuring continued. The August manufacturing PMI data better than expected, in the 50 line ups and downs, indicating that short-term demand, but the black goods pull is limited, the market is more concerned about the 9-10 month season can be fulfilled. Two, the supply of iron ore port stocks at a high level during the year, the amount of no obvious increment. Port resources is still relatively abundant, short-term difficult port stocks decreased significantly. Figure 1: iron ore port stock (unit: million tons, week) source: wind, chaos Tiancheng Research Institute of the four mines production in the second half of 2016 is expected to yield essentially flat with 2015, a slight increase over the first half of 2016. Is expected in the second half of the four major mines in the production of about 5.6 tons, representing an increase of $25 million in the first half. In the current higher port inventory, the incremental price of ore to form a certain pressure. Chart 2:2016 four mines iron ore production and forecast (unit: million tons) source: wind, chaos Tiancheng institute according to the related historical mills operating rate and Platts price and iron ore supply, the second half of the iron ore oversupply situation assessment results in figure 3. Iron ore prices in the second half of the year is expected to be in the range of 50-60 million tons of dry steel, steel operating rate remained at about 80%, so there is a surplus of more than 25 million tons of iron ore. Figure 3: the second half of the global supply of iron ore (million tons) source: wind, chaos Tiancheng Research Institute three, iron ore demand mills operating rate at a relatively high level during the year, the average daily output of pig iron is significantly higher than the beginning. At present, in the high profit, the resumption of production of blast furnace has resumed production capacity to overlay the background, the subsequent production continued to expand the space is very limited. Figure 4: mill operating rate and the average daily output of pig iron (unit:%, million tons) source: wind, chaos Tiancheng Research Institute four, steel supply and demand for steel is still black core contradiction, the steel supply and demand situation has a significant influence on the products of black. From the apparent demand, due to the low base last year, this year 6-7 needs an apparent positive, but the downstream consumption continuity to explosive growth, from the current investigation season orders improved co.. The current increase in the social stock for 7 consecutive weeks, the short-term price of steel formation inhibition. Need to pay attention to inventory increments in East China’s Hangzhou and the surrounding areas, mainly affected by the G20 summit, concerned about the release of East China’s demand and inventory digestion. Figure 5: the demand of steel sheet (unit:%, million tons) source: wind, chaos Tiancheng Research Institute from the supply point of view, this year the overall goal of mills.相关的主题文章:

Russian mining pirates fossilised mammoth ivory illegal profiteering-seaway

Russian mining pirates fossilised mammoth ivory illegal profiteering original title: Russian mining pirates fossilised mammoth ivory illegal profiteering according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on August 25th, Russia’s illegal mining pirates prehistoric animal remains, but to the black market to sell rare animal teeth tusks to reap millions of dollars of interest, it is reported that a 65 kg weight the mammoth ivory worth up to $34 thousand (about 226 thousand yuan). Amos Cabel (Amos Chapple), a New Zealand photographer, had a chance to go with the poachers, so he spent 3 weeks recording the daily activities of the poachers. They spent the summer in the forest where the temperature has been on the pitch camp, zero degrees Celsius, the environment is extremely bad. They are holding a shotgun or signal gun to avoid bear attack, looking for mining long teeth in Russia’s wild animal, and hope to find rich mineral deposits. They search for prey in the remote villages of Siberia, because there is not affected by the radio interference, can not only avoid the police patrol, permafrost can dig sibilia, to discover the animal debris. Every poacher will carry a water pump, can provide power to the high pressure hose used for mining, digging fossils, but it greatly destroyed the local waterways, therefore there is a river like melted chocolate after heating the water, the fish is on the verge of extinction, if the mining animal teeth the behavior continues to spread, so the global ecological environment will be seriously damaged.相关的主题文章:

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TAG Heuer together David Coulthard and Martin Gary J in Ibiza issued a new Aquaracer Black Titanium Watch – Sohu [home news] Ibiza brand watches. Electronic dance music. In the Villa Puig Redo TAG Heuer Aquaracer released a new series of Black Titanium Watch Brand, CEO of LVMH group president Jean Claude · watches; beaver, as well as two star DJ, brand ambassador David Coulthard and Martin · · Gareth attended the event. David Coulthard and · · Martin Gerris; and what similarities? "No fear of challenge, achievement of self" (#DontCrackUnderPressure) is their motto. From the beginning in the fierce competition in the DJ stage, David Coulthard and Martin · · Gareth aware of the enormous pressure. However, they always adhere to the faith, as tag heuer, they to pioneer attitude, courage in the heat beat journey. David Coulthard and Martin · · Gareth often on social networks to invite fans to feel the scenes, JD is on the stage of blood bizhang pressure. In the social platform, they are recording their own course continue to challenge the limits of self, not afraid to show the true side of me, # challenge, self achievement #! Jean Claude · beaver said: "no matter sign or idea, all show distinct TAG Heuer" was founded in 1860 the Swiss watchmaker, and future avant-garde "and the younger generation closely is an integral part of the brand DNA. Very proud to have David Coulthard and Martin · · Gareth as brand ambassador, they are "tag heuer challenge, the best example of self achievement" the spirit of the concept, the best endorsement of the younger generation is about to lead the future direction of the luxury market!" TAG Heuer Aquaracer series released a new 43 mm 300M Calibre 5 black titanium metal watch case with grade 2 titanium metal building, decorative black titanium carbide coating. Ceramic bezel redesign, engraved blue paint, its unique date display window to enlarge (last year re introduced to follow this year, adding elegant qualities). Equipped with Calibre 5 automatic winding movement, providing accurate and proven reliability for watch. Fine polishing, reliable function, has become one of the series Aquaracer watch market value. New Aquaracer series 43 mm 300M Calibre 5 Black Titanium Watch has three versions: blue color and red and black sand, a paragraph. (photo watches Xu Zhaoyang)相关的主题文章:

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Well! Oyakodon! The simplest and most difficult! You put that word reading is one of the characteristic columns of the Huang Xiaochu WeChat public platform – Sohu and small kitchen [] Huang Xiaochu will guest, a week that favored builders to small kitchen living room and you chat, but also share some delicacy or travel to you cooks, since the beginning has been popular with everyone welcome. Welcome from Huang Xiaochu WeChat public number huangxiaochu921, builders can not only understand the story, as well as video teaching Oh ~ often referred to Japanese cuisine, everyone will think of the delicious sashimi, elegant and picturesque kaiseki, these tall on the delicious always make people feel a sense of distance, how can it be can cook and eat the Home Dishes every day? But come to think of it, I usually eat Hand-Pulled Noodle, Deep-Fried Spare Ribs, is also a part of Japanese cuisine? Not to mention the little chef who loved many years of Japanese rice ~ words eat so many years of Japanese rice, this "well" word, can not rare in Japanese "donburi" (d million n) is GaiFan meaning, read it as "Wells" how many years have you, the secret can quietly tell Huang Xiaochu ~ (smiling) today Huang Xiaochu invited to the founder of Wang Hui and Choi restaurant put questions teach you to make a call in the ancestor in Japanese popular oyakodon. Can obtain simple, nutritious and delicious food, four seasons, is it not what you want to come up with a small yellow family essential recipes with your kitchen hall notebook and began memorizing ~ – – – chicken oyakodon & salmon oyakodon – chicken oyakodon material – boned chicken egg 1 150g letinous edodes 20g carrot 15g 20g 10g Steamed Rice onion pepper pure water laver MITSUBA (pure water, onion sauce, mirin sauce in a 4:1:1 ratio of allocation) – step ahead of the Steamed Rice and 100g Steamed Rice sushi vinegar plus 5g sushi vinegar is the ratio of mixing bowl. Chicken meat into the pot fry until half cooked, skin was brown, inside the meat is still pink, remove the cut piece. The eggs into the egg, do not need to play a very casual, it can guarantee the protein and egg yolk mixture and sometimes the separation effect appeared after the pot. Put a little oil in the pot, the onion, carrots, green pepper silk silk, letinous edodes in the pot and stir fry. Add the chicken pieces cut, pour into the prepared sauce. Pour into the egg, pour evenly cover on the chicken, braised in its stamp. Finally, put the cooked chicken egg cake into the bowl and cover it with rice. You can enjoy a delicious with seaweed, celery, onion leaf ornament ~ – Salmon oyakodon materials – Salmon 100g three 30g the roe avocado half a perilla leaves 1 a little onion silk seaweed a little ginger wasabi — a few steps will Steamed Rice and 100g Steamed Rice sushi vinegar plus 5g sushi vinegar is the ratio of mixing bowl. Turn into the salmon block, cucumber, avocado, salmon roe block. In the middle of a shop on the top with basil, ginger and wasabi can.相关的主题文章: