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[in] home court 1:1 draw with Chongqing Lifan Luneng ahead of a relegation success do not get off the ground in my skill and will not donate Tang – Sohu sports tip: click on the top of " " = free times sports; subscribe to the journal last night, Taishan Luneng in the 1:1 draw with Chongqing Lifan home court, according to the rules of the league, ahead of a round of relegation success. So far, the 2016 season has ended in Shandong earth. The last game Luneng Taishan, will be completed in Guangzhou, waiting for them will be ahead of the defending constant brigade to achieve six consecutive. This group of players do not have a good grasp of how to debut this season, but this group of players can decide what to call at the end of the season. (reporter Xie Yongliang photo) this is how a super season! 2016 season opener from Nanjing, Luneng did not get off, but 0:3 not enemy Jiangsu Suning, then the entire season botch has not been smooth. Mustering the strength to achieve a historic breakthrough in the Luneng Taishan team in the AFC Champions League stadium, in the domestic arena was sluggish, 10 games without shame, embarrassment and long road would let them lose myself, also lost a lot of fans. Before last night against Chongqing Lifan, Shandong fans played a large pattern, thanks to the 10 Monti slightly, indicates that the Argentina midfielder’s farewell. At this point, open from the 2014 season of the Brazil to try all over, when the introduction of Monti, Theo, and Alois ursol slightly prophase to team Loew, "Brazil Gang" or "South American Gang", have all been scattered wandering. (reporter Xie Yongliang photo) any team has a cycle, including the championship cycle or downturn cycle. It’s hard to say what is in the past three years the super cycle, but at least now can make clear two points: the first point is a complete cycle is over, the future will be the beginning of the second Majiate re team; is the 2016 season of the few games ending the war, has not let people see the Luneng Taishan back into the title cycle the signs and hope. The age structure of the Luneng Taishan team players more reasonable, players between the ages of file is not opened, the positive effect is the main team is currently in the stage when playing, the negative effect is extremely difficult to achieve in-depth adjustment. How to make good use of existing players next season, which will test the wisdom and skill of Luneng Club management. (reporter Xie Yongliang photo) last night after the game, Luneng players play a 2016 thanks to the banner: "thank you, for I never abandon; 2017 rise, return to you." The words on the banner is Luneng’s commitment to the fans? I hope Luneng Taishan team all have such a belief, I do not get off the ground, and skill will not donate tang." Hu Shi’s famous saying, it is worth Luneng careful aftertaste. (Editor: Zhao Chen)相关的主题文章: