12 small flies near Xiaojiahe, the exclusive memory of old Chengdu! – Sohu to eat and drink tencent upd

12 small flies near Xiaojiahe, the exclusive memory of old Chengdu! Sohu and the head last week went to Xiaojiahe to buy auto parts, when the master feet pedal, went to the imperial dam to rub a meal, that today I don’t queue. This store opened for many years, business has been good, cheap Muslim Restaurant among the stores, individual food price some people may feel expensive, but after all, they are selling beef, it should be your point. The lung is halal must point each time, each table has, spicy and delicious. His family Chili oil especially fragrant. Every time the head of the celery inside all the kuokuo pick to eat clean. Steamed beef is also a sign, the general weight, after all, beef is expensive. But the taste is really too spicy, salty sweet glutinous rice flour wrapped steamed to soft waxy beef, a bite on a whirlwind of oil, moreish. Roast beef with potatoes, carrots and beef. Beef soup, beef flavor is heavy, feeling very nourishing. Inside the radish slices back to sweet slag, delicious reluctant to swallow. Various other dishes are delicious, full of traditional Sichuan style. I often eat beef and onion, beef, braised Tofu pudding cord…… address: No. 2 Xiaojiahe Street: 43 yuan per capita in Xiaojiahe in addition to the street car accessories, kept only the old Chengdu restaurant to know! Uncle Wang from the lane inside the roadside stalls to do now, Uncle Wang is already a legendary Chengdu barbecue, but all chowhound must know his name! Branch is also one after another, Xiaojiahe this store business is good, not queuing. Brain is a must, must point to the shop! Nenqi brain, fast fierce fire roasted with no smell, taste salt to control just fine, twist the chopsticks do not stop! Uncle Wang is small potatoes will make you dazzling, jacket, a layer of skin Jiaocui, a bite of broken skin, inside the potato block like became mud, with a warm fragrance, mixed with cumin chili after a bite. Foil packs live baked yellow croaker, onion ginger garlic pepper and other spices had embedded inside the fish, put the paper cut after ripening at the end of the table, chopsticks gently twist the fish down, even the next oil are still bubbling ~ address: Xiaojiahe Xing Rong Street No. 31 (Xiaojiahe post next: 60 yuan per capita) citrus recorded Chaoshan beef in Chengdu recently appeared such a so-called Chaozhou community asked Hot pot beef shop, fresh ingredients, good taste, authentic Kung Fu, super affordable, the key is to eat a healthy. Chaoshan beef in the past few years began Hot pot, fire up, Chaoshan open beef shop, orange is recorded Chaozhou himself in the man. Here all the chefs Chaoshanese, exclusive knife skills like master, with far from Chaozhou in the original, only need a chopsticks, you have tasted the beef arena! All the beef is freshly cut, in order to ensure the new meat are not in contact with the air condition相关的主题文章: