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Marketing Guizhou mine occurred yesterday rescue work is over now, mine has killed 17 people were killed. Currently, police have control, including miners, including three people. ugg classic tall sale Cause of the accident is still under investigation.Morning, evening law reporter learned that the current .pensation has begun. It is understood that the amount of .pensation for each of the victims are not video: Guizhou miners rescued after the accident burst into tears about,Reporters learned from the Guizhou Provincial Work Safety Bureau, Anping coal mine accident in the town of Libo County territory. The accident occurred at at 7:53 on the 4th or so, on duty to go down a total of 28 people, including 14 Masui, 14 people still unaccounted for.Prior to the registration error for name, mistakenly reported the wrong one, so the number rose well into the 13 before 14, while three of them died of severe wounds. It is understood that the 11 injured survivors vital signs were normal.4 at the stand of the town of Anping mine, uggs bailey button triplet floating in the sky rain. On behalf of the country strong from Henan were brought from home more than 20 people to work the mine, six people were killed in the mine. Wells in the coal mine, on behalf of the country strong and the two collapsed in the wellhead side, his mouth kept repeating: "It makes me go back and explain how ah." Among the victims also included his brother and son.After preliminary investigation, the accident occurred in the 350 meters underground, not because of earlier media reports of a gas explosion, but the coal and gas outburst accident.Coal and gas outburst is under pressure, the broken coal and gas extraction from coal space to a lot of body suddenly ejected, is another special type of gas emission phenomenon can be very destructive.Prior to the rescue process, because of increasing gas concentration, ugg bailey button the rescue workers was not cycle.On the aftermath of .pensation, Libo, a county propaganda department official said: "17 people killed in all outsiders, and now the families have not yet in place, there is no way to talk about .pensation. Family members may be in place this afternoon." According to Vice Minister of Publicity Department of Libo County Mo Xiong Liang, into the insurance for the victims, ugg classic short death .pensation not less than 60 million, plus funeral expenses and other expenses, will exceed 60 million. It is understood that 17 victims have been into the insurance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: