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Home-and-Family The 1880 Morgan Silver Dollar used to be struck in four mints that yr. Numerous folks really like to know what is usually the value connected with an 1880 Morgan Silver dollar. To be able to really understand what your coin is really worth you actually have to understand a few specifics concerning it. Mint State: Coins are actually ranked with the number base in which 1 is the actual smallest and 70 is your top for Morgan Dollars you actually could not really find a seventy since they merely would definitely not own any systems we have right now.what you want to view about the coin is absolutely no symptoms of use, the actual words liberty on the crown need to be well-defined as well as the actual eagle’s breast and tail feathers. 1880 Philadelphia Silver Dollar:In the event that your coin is actually beneath a mint condition 60 your value of your Morgan Silver Dollar is usually fewer than $50 Versions consist of 8 over 7 over-dates that display a 7 down below the second 8 of the date. Mintage: Circulation strikes: 12,600,000 Proofs: 1,355 mint mark: None (Philadelphia) The 1880-S Morgan Silver Dollar: Morgan Dollars from the San Francisco mint are usually acknowledged for being minted very well along with visually appealing mainly because they cleaned the dies more regularly. In terms of precisely what the coin is really worth you prefer to have this coin in a "ms" 64 or perhaps over 2 rare over-dates .prise 1 with a 7 under the 2nd 8 of the date and 1 more with a 9 under the 0. 1880-O M.an SILVER DOLLAR: Unlike San Francisco, Many New Orleans have weak striking quality, so in the event that you can discover a great quality "DMPL" they will provide much more Deep Mirror Proof likes are pretty scarce and Gem samples tend to be extremely extraordinary. If you believe you actually have got a coin having a high grade get it graded. Now in the event that you actually accumulate M.an Dollars I Don’t have to tell anyone just what will be next. The 1880-CC M.an Silver Dollar:rare in Uncirculated condition, nevertheless still available in the event that you do plan on offering this coin a person in all probability should have it graded you never know you may have a mint state 65 if perhaps not, still however worth a few hundred remember the higher the quality the extra it is worth. The 1880-CC M.an Silver Dollar furthermore had a a small number of varieties 1880-CC, Second 8 over a high 7 (rare) 1880-CC, Second 8 over 7, Reverse of 1878 (very rare) 1880-CC, Second 8 over a low 7 (rare) Reverse of 1878, 1880 over 79-CC About the Author: 相关的主题文章: