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2016, China’s top 500 private enterprises released a significant increase in overseas income – China News Agency, Beijing, May 1 (reporter Zheng Qiao) – in 2016 China’s top 25 private enterprises in Beijing released in 500, the top 25. HUAWEI Klc Holdings Ltd, Suning holding group, Shandong Wei Bridge Venture Group Co., Ltd. in the top three. The report shows that over the past year, China’s private enterprises to step up the pace of overseas income increased significantly. National Federation of the same day in 2016 sponsored by China’s top 500 private enterprises, also announced in 2016 China’s top private manufacturing sector, the top 100 list of private service sector in the country, the country’s top 500 private enterprises. 2016 private enterprises in China top 500 research and analysis report also announced. The report shows that in 2015, the top 500 private enterprises, a total of 183 companies participated in the "The Belt and Road construction, a net increase of 118 over the previous year. Private enterprises overseas income of the top 500 (excluding exports) was $343 billion 403 million, an increase of 135.01% over the previous year, showing significant progress in overseas investment. However, the impact of shrinking international market demand, there are 240 enterprises in the export of products and services business, exports amounted to only $109 billion 961 million, down by 23.81% over the previous year. The report pointed out that in 2015 the top 500 private enterprises finalists threshold reached 10 billion 175 million yuan (RMB, same below), for the first time exceeded 10 billion yuan; total operating income reached 16 trillion and 156 billion 857 million yuan, an increase of 10.06% over the previous year; the total assets of 17 trillion and 300 billion 487 million yuan, an increase of 25.16%; the total net profit after tax increase steadily, reaching 697 billion 660 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.67%. The report said that the third industry, the number of private enterprises in the top 10 enterprises in the number of consecutive years of growth in 2015, accounting for the proportion of total assets accounted for the proportion of the third industry rose to 51.69%, for the first time more than the industry in the top second in. In the top 500 enterprises in the manufacturing sector is still the main, the number of finalists up to 291. CPPCC Vice Chairman, chairman of the National Federation of industry and Commerce Wang Qinmin said at the press conference the same day, the current downward pressure on the economy continues to increase, to the development of the private economy has brought great difficulties and challenges. However, with the deepening the reform dividend release, further decentralization further breakthrough, further emancipate the mind, will be more to stimulate private economic development momentum and vitality. (end)相关的主题文章: