24 report expert private exchange earned 4.8% won the championship, Leslie birch Guanghua Sophia Dia qqq258.com

24 report: expert private exchange earned 4.8% won the championship, Leslie birch Guanghua Sophia Diaoyutai by Tencent financial sponsor, China investment securities brokerage chief cooperation 2016 "world expert meeting" and "private – private equity division expert meeting this week in sixth weeks," Liasley "won the champion in 4.80% today," imitation of nature "to get 4.06%, ranked second, exposing the surface fraction of capital players in Shenzhen scored 4.03% to third. This Monday, the market opened flat after the strong upside in the stock market, especially coal, driven by the securities sector, the Shanghai index effectively break up 3000 points, and then continued upside, noon climbed to around 3130 points high. The afternoon market continues to maintain a strong shock, the Shanghai index closed callback finishing everything in good order and well arranged at 3128.24, turnover of 250 billion 400 million, Shenzhen Component Index closed at 10842.64, turnover of 313 billion 500 million. The coal sector index rose 6.13%, Yiqijuechen, significantly ahead of other industries. The recent coal futures rose for the 1701 tons of power coal exceeded 600 yuan, did not appear to continue strong upside pullback consolidation situation, stand on the 625 yuan ton high, become the basis for the coal sector rose, the market rumors that the national development and Reform Commission will tomorrow call key coal enterprises open forum, the analysis of the current situation of coal supply and demand. Well, to ensure the supply of coal production, transformation and upgrading of the healthy development of the work, this has become the main driving force of coal sector soared today; the securities sector following the coal sector rose 2.36%, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the upcoming opening of the market for the three stock market interconnection, the stock market may usher in new opportunities. Today in the market overall rise in the market environment, the players on the whole are excellent, including "Leslie Birch" performance is more prominent, its market capitalization increased 4.8%, today won the champion, while also ranking in first week. Liasley, Hao Chi Chuan holdings Jinnuo electrical, suau sensor, the Sichuan Jinnuo a strong rise in early trading, trading closed at 10 o’clock, all day long in the trading board firmly nailed, the stock’s recent strong momentum, Liasley has gained 32.09% in Sichuan on Jinnuo envy; "imitation of nature", Hua Pengfei, the European main warehouse feiliks Puzhi network feiliks, which has two consecutive days of strong limit, today is 9:50 in the morning is tightly sealed. How to master the first time to buy shares? "Imitation of nature" by virtue of the company also gained remarkable success; Shenzhen scores capital gains today 4.03%, heavily loaded wuchangyu, Fuchun environmental protection, Tianrun entertainment, which also limit the fraction of Wuchang fish today, from the stock of capital has 35.46% benefits. More than three players from the performance point of view, the recent holding up to become the mainstream market strategy, the success of the players are holding 1 or 2 consecutive strong companies can continue to bring more lucrative benefits. I hope you will be able to adhere to their own strategies to achieve the desired return. The overall ranking of Sichuan Guanghua Sophia continues to rank first to 21.44% of total revenue results, Chaoyang under spring water ranked second with 18.04% points, nine Asahi assets ranked third)相关的主题文章: