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30 days after the KD 30 team Wizards: the dream shattered the renewal of Bill leads to trouble – Sohu from the new sports season opening date draws near, recently, NBA official website published 30 days beginning 30 team series on each team league offseason operation were reviewed, also discussed the prospect of their future year performance. Today, the official website of the team, the Washington wizards. The season record: 41 wins and 41 summer players: Alan – Anderson, Jared – Dudley, Ramon, Galet, Nene sessions – Temple this summer supplement: new coach Scott Brooks two years ago, Ian mahellonmi, Andrew – Nicholson, Jason – Smith, Trevor Burke, the Wizards winning more than 50% and twice to the Eastern conference semifinals. Unfortunately, last season, this good momentum was halted. As the Wizards finished the season journey way, this summer, the team is also silent. First, in February, they have sent a first round draft pick this year, from the sun for markieff – Maurice. Although there are some flaws in the character, but Makiv has a certain capacity, and only $7 million annual salary, but also to let the Wizards picked up a big cheap. Then, any one of the big, the Wizards did not sign free agents on the market on the contrary, the team spent a lot of money to give Bradley Bill a max contract, the latter in a healthy period, is a talented striker, but over the past two years, because of his injury, but played only 55 respectively. And 63 regular season games. The new season, the wizards will most of the time, still depends on the backcourt wall and Bill’s play, and this configuration, so that they will not lose too badly on the pitch. The new season, the Wizards record may be hovering between the lottery and the playoffs. This situation can be defined by the concept of the so-called "no", that is to say, is not good enough to ensure that the Wizards in the playoffs, there is no difference to firmly over a high priority lottery. But a year ago, the wizards were completely different. At that time, the Washington team believed that under certain conditions, this summer, they will celebrate the biggest event since the 1978 championship. Wizards naive thought that in July of this year, when Durant became a free agent, they will become the preferred destination of less than du. After all, the latter is a child growing up in the suburbs of Maryland (near Washington). To this plan, for wizards for a year ahead, they last summer, Bill refused to renew the request, they refused to join any salary space flexibility players in the squad, they almost do everything can do (except made the playoffs), in order to create Durant an impression of the Wizards has been ready for the championship. But I hope that after just hope, more than a year later, the real situation, but not at all. In the end, Durant didn’t even give a chance to the wizards. And after this a cold and heartless face harshly, finally return to Washington)相关的主题文章: