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UnCategorized There’s no rule that says you need to walk down the aisle to the strains of Pachelbel’s Canon. Many brides are setting aside the traditional tunes of their parents’ or older siblings’ ceremonies and looking for more contemporary tunes that are decidedly their own. The trend these days is to choose music that speaks to you, no matter if it’s not exactly what your guests are expecting. If you’d like to incorporate new or lesser-known older songs into your ceremony or reception, go right ahead. Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to music that’s as individual and unique as you are: 1. Don’t be overly concerned about tradition or choosing "appropriate" music. Have fun representing yourselves and your love in a memorable way. 2. To give your wedding a one-of-a-kind feel, be on the lookout for original songs by musicians or songwriters many people might not have heard of. 3. Instead of using Top 40 hits, consider songs from Broadway musicals or movies. 4. Love a certain musician, but wince at the thought of having his or her most famous tune in your wedding? Choose one of their more obscure songs instead. Here are a few nontraditional songs to consider: The Feather Theme (Main Theme) – Forrest Gump Soundtrack Canon in F – The ONeill Brothers You Are My Home – Scarlet Pimpernel Soundtrack Born to Give My Love to You – Martina McBride The Road That Never Ends – Jamie Lawrence Inappropriate Wedding Ceremony Songs You’ll want to confirm the list of ceremony prelude songs ahead of time to make sure no one plays "Send in the Clowns" when your future mother-in-law makes her way down the aisle. Or maybe you don’t. You might have a favorite song in mind for your wedding ceremony, but before you start printing the programs, you’ll want to give it a little more thought. Just because a tune features a sweeping melody or a chance for your soloist to really let loose, the lyrics might not be exactly appropriate for your big day. Here are a few songs to avoid: My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from Titanic) – Celine Dion This song is beautiful, but it’s about living on after someone you love died, not starting a life together. Also, the boat sank – that’s just bad karma. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston Perfect song, right? Wrong. Here are a few sample lyrics that explain why it might not be the most appropriate sentiment for a ceremony: "If I should stay, I would only be in your way. So I’ll go." "Bittersweet. Memories. That is all I’m taking with me. So good-bye", "We both know I’m not what you need". Every Breath You Take – The Police This tune is more like a creepy stalker’s anthem than a love song. Beauty and the Beast – Celine Dion/Peabo Bryson This is also a beautiful love song, but it wouldn’t be polite to .pare the groom to a "beast" during the ceremony. Send in the Clowns – From the Broadway show "A Little Night Music" This would be a big "no-no" during ANY portion of the prelude or processional. As beautiful as it is, you wouldn’t want it to be playing while your mother or future mother-in-law were being seated. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: