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The 4 man to install the POS machine 530 thousand people with intellectual disabilities do rent fraud scapegoat Yangzi Evening News Network November 7th news (correspondent Zhang Jie Wang Honglai reporter Wan Lingyun) POS machine, and brings convenience to people’s lives, people shopping with credit card POS machine, has become a common form of merchant checkout. However, some criminals also eyeing it. 7, Zhenjiang District Public Security Bureau held a press conference to disclose the Bureau after a difficult 1 months of investigation, destroyed a fraud by installing the POS machine of the criminal gang, 5 suspects have been arrested in full. What is shocking is that the gang of general manager, is a mentally retarded man, he was the other 4 men from Zhejiang, Changxin, lease to Zhenjiang, POS, set up a sales shop. The gang was ready to National Day during this year, the use of bank holiday money after the retreat, who knows all dramatic a strange combination of circumstances leading to their failure to, "Dreams", until the arrest. Three days by credit card cash 53 yuan Zhenjiang District Public Security Bureau police station port director Kong Bin told reporters that in September 27th, the area received a cigarette and liquor vendor female owner Yang alarm, said in May this year received in the shop door installation POS ads, due to business need to install two sets of POS machines, has since been able to the normal use of credit card. And the guest card money, can be in second days to the construction bank card, but from September 23rd onwards, a man claiming to Ding Guohua to the store using the POS machine credit card cash, until the night of September 26th, has four days to use credit card cash of about 53 yuan has not arrived, the name of Yang doubt is to install POS machines fraud. After the case, the district police brigade immediately in conjunction with the police investigation quickly. However, after the incident, the phone can not get through, people can not find, even in the New District of Zhenjiang is located in POS has been evaporating. To understand the case after Yang detailed and specific details, the police according to the transaction flow and the abnormal situation analysis, to determine this is with the use of fraud to install the POS machine case, immediately set up a task force to overcome. Soon, the police found the bound two POS two bank Kaka, not the owner Yang, but Zhejiang province Changxing County man Zhu Moumou, belong to the Minsheng Bank and construction bank. The victim Yang only know the original shop to install the POS machine is two men, Zhenjiang local accent. The man claiming to be Ding Guohua, to use the POS machine credit card cash store man once took a lot of credit card brush, as his identity is unknown. 5 people involved in Zhenjiang Zhejiang police immediately arrested card related information from Zhu Moumou himself and banks, in the transfer of its discovery in Dantu Minsheng Bank account information, in September 26th the arrival card part of more than 43.7 yuan, about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Zhu Moumou together with the man to the Minsheng Bank to withdraw money, go into the bank counter cash, bank staff said a maximum of only 150 thousand of the two people can cash in on the counter took 150 thousand cash. Then there are third men on the Minsheng Bank outside the ATM machine off相关的主题文章: