49.98-53.58 min Wei 66 Anniversary Edition million public listed Sohu car spyair

49.98-53.58 min Wei 66 Anniversary Edition million public listed Sohu Sohu [car car new car]2016 the evening of October 26th, a new Daimaitewei imported Volkswagen 66 Anniversary Edition officially listed, the new car were two models, priced at 499 thousand and 800 yuan two drive version of the four-wheel drive version of 535 thousand and 800 yuan, and Limited Edition 88. It is reported that the car is a tribute to the legendary Volkswagen model -T1 and launched, so the use of a special painting style. Appearance: a new Daimaitewei 66 anniversary edition will inherit the classic painting 66 years ago, the Volkswagen T series of the first generation model of T1, and the fat white jade cherry red and silver streamer empty blue two color paint, and this is the car compared with the ordinary version of the biggest difference. The new car body size has not changed, length and width are still high 4904mm× 1904mm× 1970mm, wheelbase 3000mm. Interior: a new Daimaitewei 66 Anniversary Edition interior styling with the ordinary version of the difference is not big, in addition to the new car console using highlights version of collocation, control system, built-in Composition Media car entertainment system, the system can also support the Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Mirror-Link. Space: a new Daimaitewei 66 anniversary version with a 7 seat layout 2+2+3, second row seats can be rotated backward, the car design has a small conference table, and is equipped with a cup holder and a storage box, when not in use can be folded, does not affect the use of space. The car with the seat rails, can adjust the position of the third row seat, for the car space expansion to achieve more likely. Configuration: a new Daimaitewei 66 anniversary edition of the overall configuration of higher level, including Tanner sound (including 11 speakers), front 12 to electric adjustable seats, about bilateral electric sliding door, automatic anti glare rearview mirror, reversing radar and reverse image, automatic headlights, ACC adaptive cruise control system, Front Assist crash safety system, collision prevention system, blind spot assist configuration. Power: a new Daimaitewei 66 anniversary version equipped with a 2.0TSI engine, the maximum power of 204 horsepower, peak torque of 350 cattle · m, matching the 7 speed dual clutch gearbox transmission system. Edit comment: the 66 anniversary of the launch of the public to a new version of the Daimaitewei is to pay tribute to the public T1, such as the new car uses the same color scheme and the mass of T1, at the same time, rich configuration and interior flexible space will continue to be the main selling point of the new car. The use of new limited edition of 88 sets of sales, in addition to off topic groups in fans, can better attract more consumer attention to the car matwave.相关的主题文章: