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Martial-Arts If you’re an MMA fighter or grappler, you need more than just "typical" stuff that passes for conditioning these days. To prepare yourself with the cardiovascular endurance that grinds your opponent down and strength, even at the end of the last round, that can always be called upon, you need need to train with loaded movements and sand bags and kettlebells are some of the best ways are to perform these kinds of movements. But why these two tools? For one, loaded movements improve your overall conditioning, but in a way where you are simulating primary movements in your sport. Lifting and moving "odd objects" through force is like moving your opponent. Second, by lifting in "rounds" (just like in your .petitions), you can work to improve your lactic threshold. Certainly, stairs, sprints and jumping rope are great for general conditioning and are a part of your overall workout, but little matches the conditioning you get with loaded movements. Here are some additional techniques for intensifying your MMA conditioning: Supersets – One can really push your metabolism by using opposing muscles groups, like chest and back or upper and lower body, to perform a fast-paced strength workout. A sample super set with kettlebells and sand bags could be 5 x 5 of clean and press on KBs and 5 x 5 of sand bag squats. Perform a five-rep set of the clean and presses, rest one minute and then do a five-rep set of sandbag squats. Repeat this super set five times. Burpees – Adding a kettlebell or sandbag with the demanding burpee pushes the intensity through the roof. So, rather than performing the jump portion, clean and press your sandbag or kettlebells overhead. Circuits – Circuits are two or more exercises performed together. Your strength endurance will greatly improve training this way with your heavy sandbags and kettlebells. Take this sample circuit: 1. Sandbag bent over row x 8 2. Clean and press with kettlebell x 5 (each arm) 3. Sandbag stiff-legged deadlift x 8 reps Perform the above circuit for 5 rounds. Couplets are amalgams of a sandbag or kettlebell exercise with a bodyweight movement – An example of a couplet routine are 2 arm swings and bodyweight squats for 3 x 20 reps each. Rounds – Pick three or more exercises and perform as many sets as possible with a proposeed number of reps. You might have to do repetitions in descending pattern such as 21 reps on the first set, 15 on the next set and 9 reps per exercise on the last set. By recording your time on these rounds, you can try to better that time the next time around. A sample set of rounds: Sandbag clean and press 2-hand kettlebell swings Walking lunges with sandbag So, your first round you’ll do 21 reps of cleans, 21 reps of the swings and then 21 lunges, next round is repeated, but using 15 reps for each exercise. Then, 9 rounds. By using the varying methods above you can absolutely kick your MMA conditioning into overdrive! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: