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Feixi Sanhe Town National Day will be held a collective wedding ceremony and start the service delay of Han Xin’an Anhui Evening News Network (News) reporter today from the national 5A level scenic spots Feixi Sanhe Town scenic learned National Day day (October 1st), Sanhe Town will hold the first "in the river" of traditional Chinese clothing collective wedding. It is reported that the activities are jointly sponsored by the Provincial Committee, the provincial women’s Federation and the provincial tourism bureau. Then, 66 couples will be dressed in traditional Chinese clothing dangzhou River, hand magpie Houzhu bridge, Clifford fairy building, Reiko wanniantai, Xu said of a couple vows, tourists friends can participate in the whole Chinese collective wedding. In addition, this year’s National Day holiday, Feixi Sanhe ancient town will start "delay service"". The ancient town of landscape lighting will be based on the situation in a timely manner to facilitate the tourists to extend, residents and tourists visiting Sanhe Town at night, and along the public toilet Business Hours will be extended from 18:00 to 20:00. In view of the peak travel bring traffic pressure, temporary parking Sanhe Town will also open a door, timely step North Bridge, the town government square, Nanjing Road, Wang Cilu Avenue, Zhenning and other areas, to ensure orderly parked vehicles, and carry out the important sections of one-way release Sun Zhi Yong Xinan Evening News Network reporter Chen Liqing Anhui   Editor: Yao Yiming Li Zhibiao 肥西三河古镇国庆将举办汉服集体婚礼 并启动延时服务   新安晚报 安徽网()讯 记者今天从国家5A级旅游景区肥西三河古镇景区了解到,国庆节当天(10月1日),三河古镇将举行首届“在河之洲”传统汉服集体婚礼。据悉,该活动由团省 委、省妇联、省旅游局等联合主办。届时,66对新人将身着传统汉服荡舟小南河,牵手鹊渚桥,祈福仙姑楼,礼行万年台,许下白头偕老的誓言,游客朋友们可以全程参加汉服集体婚礼。   此外,今年国庆假期期间,肥西三河古镇将启动“延时服务”。古镇内景观灯光将根据游客情况适时延长,以方便居民及游客游览三河古镇夜景,而沿线公共 厕所服务时间将从18:00延长到20:00。针对旅游高峰带来的交通压力,三河古镇还将适时分步开放大捷门、北大桥、镇政府广场、南京路、王祠路、振宁 大道等区域的临时停车位,确保车辆有序停放,并实行重要路段单向放行   孙志勇 新安晚报 安徽网记者 陈丽卿 姚一鸣   编辑:李志标相关的主题文章: