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A comprehensive interpretation of this article Wine pink, enough! Sohu – when it comes to romance, pink Wine (Rose) is the most suitable spokesperson, see its jiaoyanyudi light color makes people smile. Pink Wine by red varietal, color between red and white Wine Wine, often pink, pink and red roses, taste fresh and delicious, easy entrance, beautiful color, it is a female friend of love! So, where does it come from? And what the classic pink around the world? Today, this paper detailed open mode, you Wine the true face of VAT pink. A beautiful color is pink, Wine come from? A pink eye, give a person a kind of sweet and fresh feeling, the beautiful colors come from? Why is it lighter than red wine? In the end, but also from the pink Wine brewing it. Because of the brewing process, grape skin and Grape Juice contact for a short time, the extraction of pigment and tannin, so Wine generally show a pink color pink. In history, there are many ways of brewing peach, is now used mainly in the following: 1, impregnation impregnation method (Maceration) is one of the most common methods of brewing peach. As with red pericarp impregnated in the brewing of grape Wine, broken skin, let Grape Juice make contact with the grape skins, grape seed, extraction time control in the ideal range of pigment and tannin, and then separated Grape Juice grapes, grape seed, and then fermentation. Traditionally, Grenache (Grenache) commonly used in brewing peach, because its Pericarp Color is shallow, usually impregnated with 8-12 hours, other varieties of dipping time of skin color deeper need not so long, lighter then you need 1-2 days of immersion. 2, phlebotomy phlebotomy (Saignee) a Vintage Pink Wine capable of producing ability. Formed by this method from Wine is actually a by-product of pink red Wine brewed in. During the fermentation of red wine, about 10% of the grape juice is banished. In this process, the grape skin is more retained in the remaining grape juice, so that the final brewing of red wine is more rich, more rich. By releasing out Wine further fermented into pink Wine. And by this method from pink Wine is usually better than by impregnation method produced Wine, color deeper concentration is higher, acidity. 3, the deployment of this method is the most simple method, adding in the brewed white Wine in a certain proportion of red Wine mixed liquor, the final presentation is pinkish, but the flavor or a peach different impregnation method. This method uses less, champagne pink champagne (Rose Champagne) is caused by this method. 4, there are two other rare pink brewing method. One, with activated carbon. Activated carbon is occasionally used in wine making, the main function of which is to absorb the color and the color of the wine.相关的主题文章: