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The history of the most beautiful HUAWEI operating system, you can not miss the EMUI5.0- Sohu in the history of the most beautiful technology HUAWEI operating system, you can not miss the EMUI5.0 last October, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers have to release new products, the users of the annual flagship one wave broke down and speculation, HUAWEI is it. In November 3rd, HUAWEI’s annual flagship Mate9 finally opened a mysterious veil in remote Munich, germany. The Mate9 can be heard without end cheers, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the new upgrade of the EMUI5.0 at the same time. In fact, as early as before the release, have heard the wind "Aoao 5 line users". Front row users have said EMUI5.0 became beautiful. In fact, such radical change is not a whim of the head, but after a long time thinking and to improve. EMUI5.0 changed his low-key style, well prepared! The "ready" is a revolutionary Android user experience: the beauty of the simple look at this unified concise interface and lively and lively blue and white color, you should be able to think of the beautiful ocean. At the corner of the ancient Mediterranean Aegean Haiti, its beautiful nature is Chinese and foreign tourists to the hearts of the romantic place. The coastline and numerous islands of the Aegean Sea with a number of European countries, gave rise to a diversity of European civilization, is the source of inspiration for many artists since ancient times. Aegean Sea without stop rain let Chopin spectrum out of the world famous "rain"; the Aegean Sea was free of Matisse capture, draw the Fauvism foundation of "dance". And now the blue and white and the life rhythm of Aegean Sea of the United States, EMUI5.0 was drawn, mobile phone has become a work of art. Beauty of rhythm if you use EMUI5.0 you will fall in love with the dynamic effect it is lovely and amazing. Light rhythm of these dynamic effects are derived from marine planktonic jellyfish, sea wave and the bubble, the designers observe for a long time and the bubble jellyfish in the sea, but also simulate bubble rising from large to small state with a lava lamp, finally presented on the EMUI5.0 nature of the dynamic effect. The rich natural dynamic effect and static image contrast, open the video, the picture will change according to the direction of the sound, the sound source direction. Your mobile phone is no longer a metal box angry, after the accession of the new EMUI5.0 Living dynamic efficiency design concept, mobile phone seems to have a life, echo your actions, familiar with your temperature, listen to your voice. The beauty of a ingenuity to say from the mobile phone which could see the character, I have to say is the theme. The wallpaper works extension, EMUI5.0 has a variety of themes, elegant, beautiful, lovely, business, art, for you to choose from. Take this "simple" EMUI5.0 wallpaper for it, this is real in the makeup beauty shine, without PS pure natural large. Inside the wallpaper of the glass sculpture is the designer’s own design, after firing, cutting, grinding, and then invited the photographer to shoot, after thousands of pick million election before the L相关的主题文章: