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Gansu Baiyin 28 years of rape and murder suspects were arrested by the police. The fingerprint detection Gansu raped and killed 11 people "spree" caught the suspect Gao Chengyong’s hidden secret life captured the scene (source: Gansu daily network (micro-blog)) Beijing News (reporter Wang Mengyao) yesterday afternoon, the Ministry of public security Criminal Investigation Bureau official micro-blog news release, August 26th, 1988 for over 14 years of rape, killing more than female suspect Gao in Gansu province Baiyin high arrested, confessed to the crime. Informed that, in August 26th, the high of a suspect arrested in Baiyin, OPULENS "8· 05" series of female rape murder case successfully solved. Gao, who is 52 years old, after trial, the man confessed to the crime of murder in, silver, Baotou two, killing 11 people. The case is under further investigation. From 1988 to 2002, Gansu province Baiyin district has many incidents of rape female serial homicide cases, the first case of more than 28 years. In August 2001, the case was classified as cases to the Ministry of public security. In August 5, 2004, the Ministry of Public Security Organization expert consultation on the case, the Baiyin and Baotou both the case and the case, identified as "8· OPULENS; 05" series of female rape murder case. In March this year, the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau of OPULENS "8· 05 case to launch a new round of detective work, has 4 experts led the criminal investigation to Baiyin, Baotou on the case, to determine the main direction of the use of new technology to use the original biological evidence. The Criminal Investigation Bureau of Ministry of public security also said that in addition to the case, the extensive influence of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City murder murder case has been a major breakthrough. The suspect was not interrupted – investigation difficult fingerprints the morning of August 26th, Gansu province Baiyin Industrial school canteen, when the police broke the door, over fifty Gao Chengyong looked flustered. Gao Chengyong, 52 years old, the river village of Lanzhou city Yuzhong County Green Town farmers. His other identity is a suspect in the rape of the silver chain. Yuzhong County, 120 kilometers away from Baiyin. The Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau official said micro-blog, according to a statement, in 1988 to 2002 of 14 years, 9 cases of crime in his silver, 2 Baotou crime, killing 11 people. The characteristics of these cases are specially selected, wearing red clothes and young women as a target, most of the crime in the daytime, the trailing or stalking long-term observation directly into the selected women’s residence, were raped or necrophilia. The youngest victim was only 8 years old. The task force will investigate these cases and cases, as a qualitative abnormal homicide cases". From the first case occurred in 1988, has been 28 years, Gao Chengyong’s shadow, but also covered the town of silver for 28 years. These years he lived in secret. Informed sources said, after being arrested, his wife, fellow, did not know what was happening, but do not know why he was arrested. 28 years after the murder by fingerprint detection for 28 years, eventually helped the police catch the key information from high Chengyong, fingerprint. In the words of a person close to the police, in recent years, the official silver in order to break the case, the movement相关的主题文章: