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Ren Zhiqiang: I can’t find any country to bring down prices for Sohu Finance Articles: Ren Zhiqiang: I can’t find any country to bring down prices for source: we pay more attention to the consensus network entrepreneur system, why? Because the system determines the survival of entrepreneurs. 1, the system does not solve the problem, the economy will naturally go up Jiang Baoxin: started in December last year, the Shenzhen real estate enterprises Kaisa almost collapsed, some observers believe that this China real estate bubble may burst, some people worry that the real estate industry may be a hard landing, what do you think of this? Ren Zhiqiang: your media questions are superficial parroting, not do in-depth analysis. You see, there is a company in Hongkong also had the same problem with Henderson, top management was sentenced, the result is the stock price rises, this is the same. Why Henderson management is a problem, you fell? Because the system is not the same. In the Hongkong system, I put the pustule out, cure the disease, the company is still good. And in mainland China? If private enterprises fall, all banks will withdraw its loans, let it down, no one wants to save it. We have Huarun’s head of Song Lin is in the same period were arrested, why their stock did not fall? Because the state-owned enterprise has the background, the bank does not draw its loan, continues to give it the loan. Henderson problem is a result of political problems caused by, what is the relationship with the real estate market? No relationship. We entrepreneurs are more concerned about the system, why? Because the system determines the survival of entrepreneurs. For example, we went to visit the general aircraft company in Zhuhai a few days ago, this is that they represent the state-owned enterprises from the United States bought similar companies, but are now facing problems because of the air traffic control system, Chinese, low altitude is not open, so the small plane is not sell, no market in Chinese. Chinese government must put this system release, it is possible to small aircraft into the family, two million dollars, for some people in need, and can not afford not to buy. It sold more than and 380 aircraft last year, but most are sold abroad, domestic small aircraft basically only for agriculture and scientific research, simply can not enter the field of civilian. But why other countries? After all, if the reform is not in the system, similar to the Henderson or some other problems, will become the economic phenomenon of the surface, but in fact the reasons behind economic and never mind. The system has been solved, the economy will naturally go up, the system will not solve the problem, the economy will not go up. 2, the other side does not open, economic growth can only rely on the real estate Jiang Baoxin: some people say that now the government to take the real estate as the key Chinese of economic growth, in order to make the GDP growth rate remained at about 7%, must let the real estate firm. What do you think of this? Ren Zhiqiang: I don’t think so. Because in other systems are not open, only rely on real estate. However, if the release of its side, do not rely on the room ~相关的主题文章: