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How angry the subject shares weak financial stocks Prev Close down up 0.03% Phoenix Financial News on Friday October 28th in the brokerage stocks, banking stocks led the market in early trading way higher, approaching the previous high point, however, the subject shares weak collective decline, dragged the market down, as of midday close, the stock index at 3113.35 points, up 0.03%; Shenzhen component index reported 10759.61 points, down 0.27%; entrepreneurship blackboard 2177.13 points, down 0.24%. Plate, brokerage sector banking sector gainers, Wuxi bank, Bank of Changshu, Bank of Hangzhou limit. Plate stocks, eye-catching performance of the brokerage sector led the two cities, the first venture, Soochow securities, China Securities, Huatai Securities rose more than 2%. European and American stock market weakness, the continued depreciation of the RMB, gold futures rose slightly; three quarterly gold today released before the three quarter quarter net profit rose 4.5 times, or abnormal performance, pull the gold plate rose. Funds, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets yesterday net outflow of more than 20 billion yuan, reaching $24 billion 750 million, has been a net outflow of three consecutive days. The industry sector suffered a net outflow, the Wednesday market performance better bio medicine and food and beverage sector has become the hardest hit by the withdrawal of funds, industry Bankuailundong acceleration also accelerated the frequency of capital speculation. The market has not yet appeared and led the main industry sector, the rotation frequency is accelerated, the withdrawal of funds is due to the lack of "handle" hobson. A stock market downturn, the hot fastship pattern enables the market is difficult to turn out to decline progressively. Money may not be in the local market speculation, although Hengda, Tianquan shares, time shares the concept of active, but the hot early fall means money playing a flash". At present, the flash is a double-edged sword, while active in the market, but also makes it difficult for investors to step foot rhythm, make money difficult, thereby inhibiting the capital market and further stimulate speculative mentality. The overall pattern shows that the market in the capital and suspended in midair, tangled mentality confused. Rules for the operation of Finance and development and Reform Commission two sets of PPP projects have different market concerns about the Ministry of Finance and the national development and Reform Commission in charge of PPP public services and traditional infrastructure, in their respective fields PPP rules have been released. However, PPP market concerns, public service areas and the boundaries of traditional infrastructure is unclear, and two sets of operating rules are also different, how to coordinate the future of the two ministries to promote the work of a key PPP. The Shanghai Stock Exchange issued the third batch of seven industry letter Phi guidelines to the official website released the third batch of industry information disclosure guidelines and public comments, new guidelines covering wine manufacturing, corresponding radio transmission services, environmental services, water supply, and air transportation, chemical industry, animal husbandry and fishery industry seven. At this point, the 13 industry and has been implemented before the Commission issued guidelines and financial industry guidelines, Shanghai industry information disclosure guidelines standard system has been basically formed, covering a total of more than 700 listed companies, the Shanghai stock market capitalization accounted for a total of more than 80%. Liu Shangxi: the National People’s Congress is on the real estate tax legislation Liu Shangxi, President of the Institute of Fiscal Science in China in October 27th, thinking in beijing;相关的主题文章: