Taiwan media People’s Liberation Army equipment flag 16b missile has been at the forefront of the Wo-mine_清翼

Taiwan media: People’s Liberation Army equipment flag 16B missile has been at the forefront of the world – Sohu global network reported: the military military channel in Taiwan when the electronic newspaper reported on September 10th, CCTV, published a picture display, the PLA army air defense forces have been equipped with modified red flag -16B missile air defense missile equipment, visible in the image of the new engine and bomb wing, estimated range can be greatly amplified. Reported that the picture display PLA army air defense forces fired modified flag -16 missile, "Jane’s Defence Weekly" analysis pointed out that this type should be improved the original -16A of the red flag, red flag -16B code. From the point of view of shape, this missile uses a new engine, the wing has been improved, which will make the missile range from 40 km to 70 km. Chinese military expert Li Jie said, according to foreign media speculation has some photos, new red flag -16B missile is longer, the relative position of wing change, so the propellant dosage should be increased, the range will be greatly improved. Secondly, the improved red flag -16B may use a dual pulse solid fuel engine, with the active seeker, the performance is significantly improved. Li Jie said, in response to the stealth target, the red flag -16B with a phased array radar, and the introduction of Russian search radar, with two contrast, we can find not only large quantities of incoming targets, but also dozens of target tracking, and focus on the implementation of operational, good effect. Reported that the PLA ground air defense system has formed a combat system, a combination of short-range low altitude high school far from the short, red -7, red flag, red flag -12 -16 medium, the red flag to the remote -9, form a system of air defense and anti missile family. Li Jie said that the red flag series of air defense missile is developed air defense and anti missile weapons, related systems such as electronic equipment and fire system the performance significantly beyond similar imported equipment, has been at the forefront of the world. Moreover, these air defense missile weapons and inexpensive, in terms of exports is also an advantage, for some small and medium countries attractive.相关的主题文章: