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Qin Hui: "9· 11 events" such evil hitherto unknown [Abstract] from the event mechanism or from the events leading to the practical consequences, "9·" 11 incident "is not what to terrorism against hegemonism". 9· 11 events "- the new stage of the history of terrorism | Qin Hui" 9· 11 "event in the modern history of the" terrorist line "also broke through, become a completely overrun evil. This evil hitherto unknown "terrorism" (terrorism) the term originated in France during the Jacobin dictatorship, Webster’s definition is: "the use of terrorist organization, especially as a means of coercion". The definition of the Britannica is: "to governments, public and personal use of violence, threats or blackmail unfathomable, in order to achieve a specific purpose of political means." It can refer to the behavior of totalitarian state, namely the entry list of the Encyclopaedia Britannica: "Amin is to murder, disappearances and torture of the cruel rule of Uganda. Peron practiced semi fascist dictatorship in Argentina, leaving a legacy of terror. Many other Latin American and Caribbean countries are ruled by totalitarian governments. Iran’s secret police Savoy, Stalin, Hitler g KGB Gestapo with no legal and human rights be brutal and inhuman, and fear." It can also refer to non national political forces or personal violence such as assassination, explosion, poisoning and so on. In general, such as war and tyranny of violent political differences, terrorism is a "stealth unfathomable", the two is to break any rules, use unscrupulous divisive tactics "Transfinite" violence. In the human history of barbarism, all ethnic groups have been regarded as of course, no violence rules constraint state, and then violent "technology" level is low, can be said to have no rules of the limit of technology "limit", so there is no serious "overrun" terrorist, this concept is yet as the evil of terrorism. But peace and against violence is still the ancient human ideal. Our Mohist universal love thought, the world of many religions to kill the ban is its embodiment. In modern times, on the one hand, the progress of human civilization to humanity, the rule of law, peace and human rights calls for advocating, against violence, especially against the "overrun" use unscrupulous divisive tactics violence as a cross-cultural universal value, for thousands of years people in violent conflict is inevitable in life and the number of Non Violence to restricted blood the price gradually reached the consensus of the so-called rule has become the realistic foundation of human civilization. On the other hand, the development of technology makes the harm of terrorist violence is more and more big, the breakthrough "limit" after violence if no rules limit, consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Therefore, the fight against terrorism is becoming more and more serious. Terrorism is different from general violence. Since twentieth Century, pacifism, which opposes the general violence, has been greatly developed in every culture of human being, as a kind of high profile universal ideal. Gandhi, as a member of the India, as a Christian of the · of the; Luther · king and as mu.相关的主题文章: