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Why do you talk about a girlfriend, but she will help you coax? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! The article source: big fish is very thin little fish love more than two years, from the initial passion to the present dull, they also experienced a lot. She sent me a long WeChat, my idea is: last night the day before she returned home to help her father’s birthday, they live together in the back "home" before yesterday morning, her boyfriend made a phone call, hanging up after her boyfriend sent a WeChat: I was sleeping mcgregor. She made several consecutive was not received, until noon before her boyfriend asked casually at WeChat: have fun last night? Oh, she asked him why the morning hung her phone, his explanation is: just get a bit dizzy, there is no connection (yes, a bit dizzy can’t pick up the phone, but then no micro letter), with a mobile phone to wash (PS: usually in their living home, he never washed morning rinse, and go to the bathroom are closely, so there is no mobile phone) received her call. Lie so blind, more than once, the last lie she is going to travel in Guangzhou is actually drinking at a local friend home, drink side show hair circle of friends (probably drink hemp, forget her, when she really shield) is idiotic? She immediately lit up the fire, not a few words, he was impatient to throw: to fight? How do you do this every time? Whatever you think, I’m going to be busy. Leave her teeth on WeChat, the interface face Meng force. Love for more than two years, he never coax her once. Although she is an optimistic and cheerful Sagittarius, a lot of small emotions are their own digestion, not happy as soon as possible to forget, so she does not need to coax it? She’s got indigestion, too! Ignore my Kawai really distressed fish, but I know she is very clear about their love, once touched her bottom line, she would not hesitate to leave. What she needs is not comfort, just listen to her. Many straight men also are disgusting. Talk about his girlfriend, enjoying her gentle, generous, considerate, but refused her occasionally wayward, unruly, little emotion. Why do you talk about a girlfriend, but she will help you coax? In the world where there is such a good thing? Oh, yes, inflatable dolls can. Well, turn right and go out and see the cliff? Well, please do not hesitate to jump down, thank you for your cooperation. Mean to talk about a love, you can not give a sincere, what else do you have? Money? Room? Car? Do you give it to me?! Don’t tell me you love her, but you just don’t want to. Ha ha Da, no brain envelopes will not send it? Card will not brush it? Don’t chop hands? You don’t have money go a few words of apology will die? Heartfelt praise she will die? Which really loved you girls will tell you he’s really not letting this go downtown? We are all busy, okay? And coax and cherish, don’t give up when she left, again taoxintaofei. Oh, you think the next one will be better? Oh, you quickly go die? (from the panorama network)相关的主题文章: