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Shanghai Pudong: exploring the integration of technology and industry "two skins" — technology — by Shanghai Pudong New Area economic and Information Commission, the science and Technology Committee merged to the Pudong science and technology and Economic Commission, 24, was officially inaugurated. This is an important measure to accelerate the transformation of government functions in Pudong, the implementation of major reforms, but also the first in the country to explore new mechanisms for scientific and technological innovation and industrial development linkage. At present, the global scientific and technological innovation and industrial change in the ascendant. As a core function area of Shanghai global branch center of Pudong, adhere to the economic and social development for science and technology oriented, and strive to eliminate the islanding phenomenon in scientific and technological innovation "". In this context, the establishment of the Pudong science and technology and Economic Commission, will be committed to promoting the depth of integration of science and technology and economic and social development, open up from the strong science and technology to the industry strong, strong economy, strong regional channel. "The letter by the committee is mainly responsible for the industrialization of science and technology, mainly responsible for science and technology innovation. According to the previous research, in the promotion of strategic emerging industries, the two tend to complement each other, leading to the responsibility of the two departments are prone to cross, overlapping policy issues. The gap between innovation and industry, to a certain extent, led to the growth of innovative enterprises can not get enough resources to support." Pudong New Area vice mayor Wang Jing said. Aiming at the shortcomings of the existing mechanism, the newly established Pudong Science Commission will strive to reflect the technological innovation and industrial development trend, the integration of government functions and management mode of the new direction, streamlined and efficient operation of the strict requirements, technology and economy to avoid the phenomenon of "two skins", around the industry chain innovation chain layout. The establishment of the economic and Trade Commission reflects the above characteristics. Before the reform, Pudong commission by letter under the industry, science and technology under the high-tech industrialization, reform after the merger of industrial and high-tech industrialization, develop, coordinate and implement the overall responsibility for industrial policy. Pudong Economic Commission Director Tang Shiqing said: "the original enterprise to provide services, the Commission by letter focused on large enterprises, emphasis on science and technology innovation of small and medium enterprises after the reform, we will be able to cover the whole process of enterprise growth, promote technological innovation throughout the industry chain." Statistics show that at present, Pudong has identified 1510 high-tech enterprises, accounting for Shanghai city’s total of 25%. In the new economic foundation, Pudong will promote the development of advanced manufacturing technology, bigger and stronger electronic information, automobile, equipment and other existing industries, foster the layout of biomedicine, aerospace, new energy and other emerging industries of strategic planning, 5G technology, quantum communications and other industries of the future. (He Xinrong) (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: