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Wahaha products structure aging new product innovation Wahaha oxygen rich water hit the gun "aging" trouble in 2010, Wahaha Group Chairman Zong Qinghou has released rhetoric of "another Wahaha", for three years, the annual sales income of 100 billion yuan, but now the baby ha ha but it seems with this goal is far away. Recently, the National Association of industry and Commerce issued the "mentioned 2016 China top 500 private enterprises issued a report" in 2015, Wahaha operating income of 49 billion 400 million yuan, ranking the top 500 private enterprises in seventieth, compared with 2014 revenue plunged 22 billion 600 million yuan. For this problem, the Wahaha company conducted an exclusive reply to the newspaper, that the impact of the decline in performance and reduce revenue and subsidiary network rumors, but in the industry view, Wahaha products structure and internal management of aging, is the crux of the decline in the performance of the company. Wahaha himself subsidiary of revenue not included in the results of the group of Wahaha in 2015 revenue plummeted, when the market is in the discussion of reasons for the decline of about 20000000000 Yuan income Wahaha Wahaha, but that revenue plunged with the objective reasons. In response, Beijing Daily reporter interviewed, Wahaha said, the main reason is the daughter of Zong Qinghou Zong Fuli in charge of Hongsheng Beverage Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Hongsheng group") data are reported, in addition to network rumors, transformation and upgrading of products also have a certain impact. At present, the normal production and sales of Wahaha, 1-7 months of this year the company has turned over to the state tax revenue 3 billion 100 million yuan, the enterprise is not only not a penny bank loans, and there are billions of yuan deposit. In Wahaha opinion, there are two main reasons: one is to reduce revenue Hongsheng group data are not incorporated into the group’s performance; two had a negative impact of Internet rumors and product upgrades. So, in fact such as Wahaha said, the above two reasons for Wahaha such a big effect? Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters found that access to information, Acer wins group was founded in 2003, is a comprehensive beverage group. At present, Wang Sheng group has 16 production bases in the country, 42 subsidiaries, has 104 production lines, the main products include fruit and vegetable drinks, bottled drinking water, mineral water, tea drinks, milk drinks, the annual production capacity of 4.8 million boxes. The current president of the group of Wahaha Group Chairman Zong Qinghou’s daughter Zong Fuli. Although Wahaha did not disclose the Hongsheng group 2015 revenue performance, but in the selected Zhejiang National Top 500 when the company had said in 2015 Wang Sheng group created 7 billion 118 million yuan of revenue. In addition, Zong Qinghou has repeatedly mentioned the Internet rumors of Wahaha Group damage, as early as last June, Zong Qinghou had said publicly that the online spread of so-called "drinks contain Botox and other rumors, Wahaha caused the loss of nearly 5 billion yuan a year. Calculated in accordance with the disclosure of the data, and the sum of revenue losses caused by rumors of Hongsheng group together reached 12 billion yuan, even on this figure to Wahaha in 2015 revenue of 49 billion 400 million yuan, the overall performance of Wahaha is only on相关的主题文章: