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Well! Oyakodon! The simplest and most difficult! You put that word reading is one of the characteristic columns of the Huang Xiaochu WeChat public platform – Sohu and small kitchen [] Huang Xiaochu will guest, a week that favored builders to small kitchen living room and you chat, but also share some delicacy or travel to you cooks, since the beginning has been popular with everyone welcome. Welcome from Huang Xiaochu WeChat public number huangxiaochu921, builders can not only understand the story, as well as video teaching Oh ~ often referred to Japanese cuisine, everyone will think of the delicious sashimi, elegant and picturesque kaiseki, these tall on the delicious always make people feel a sense of distance, how can it be can cook and eat the Home Dishes every day? But come to think of it, I usually eat Hand-Pulled Noodle, Deep-Fried Spare Ribs, is also a part of Japanese cuisine? Not to mention the little chef who loved many years of Japanese rice ~ words eat so many years of Japanese rice, this "well" word, can not rare in Japanese "donburi" (d million n) is GaiFan meaning, read it as "Wells" how many years have you, the secret can quietly tell Huang Xiaochu ~ (smiling) today Huang Xiaochu invited to the founder of Wang Hui and Choi restaurant put questions teach you to make a call in the ancestor in Japanese popular oyakodon. Can obtain simple, nutritious and delicious food, four seasons, is it not what you want to come up with a small yellow family essential recipes with your kitchen hall notebook and began memorizing ~ – – – chicken oyakodon & salmon oyakodon – chicken oyakodon material – boned chicken egg 1 150g letinous edodes 20g carrot 15g 20g 10g Steamed Rice onion pepper pure water laver MITSUBA (pure water, onion sauce, mirin sauce in a 4:1:1 ratio of allocation) – step ahead of the Steamed Rice and 100g Steamed Rice sushi vinegar plus 5g sushi vinegar is the ratio of mixing bowl. Chicken meat into the pot fry until half cooked, skin was brown, inside the meat is still pink, remove the cut piece. The eggs into the egg, do not need to play a very casual, it can guarantee the protein and egg yolk mixture and sometimes the separation effect appeared after the pot. Put a little oil in the pot, the onion, carrots, green pepper silk silk, letinous edodes in the pot and stir fry. Add the chicken pieces cut, pour into the prepared sauce. Pour into the egg, pour evenly cover on the chicken, braised in its stamp. Finally, put the cooked chicken egg cake into the bowl and cover it with rice. You can enjoy a delicious with seaweed, celery, onion leaf ornament ~ – Salmon oyakodon materials – Salmon 100g three 30g the roe avocado half a perilla leaves 1 a little onion silk seaweed a little ginger wasabi — a few steps will Steamed Rice and 100g Steamed Rice sushi vinegar plus 5g sushi vinegar is the ratio of mixing bowl. Turn into the salmon block, cucumber, avocado, salmon roe block. In the middle of a shop on the top with basil, ginger and wasabi can.相关的主题文章: