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SMPForex: weak inflation will continue to increase the fear of ECB easing eurozone inflation remains in the doldrums, European Central Bank President Delagi recently made a speech that multiple factors in the global economy is low inflation, which means that central banks need to take action to fulfill their mission. The European Central Bank, under the jurisdiction of rights relatively limited may bring some challenges, but the ECB would not bow to low inflation. If necessary, the central bank will take more lenient measures, the risk of late action is greater than early action. Delagi stressed that since the December meeting of the European Central Bank, the increase of the emerging markets, uncertainty and financial market volatility in commodities tumbled, geopolitical risks warming, the downside risks to the euro zone economy increase. On the occasion, it is extremely important to ensure that the euro zone economy is resistant. Although the weakness of global inflation is an indisputable reality, it does not affect the ECB to take more easing measures at the necessary moment. Last month, Delagi said, China economic slowdown, the global market turmoil, to the challenges of economic recovery in the euro zone, the European Central Bank may increase the stimulus at the March meeting. Delagi hints or more stimulus, the ECB action does not limit " ", the ECB will use all available tools within the scope of the mission. The ECB’s monetary policy tools will change according to changes in the environment, otherwise the ECB’s credibility will be affected. From a technical point of view, the Euro Asia Pacific plate yesterday opened after the shock rebound, continue to expand or intraday recover after 1.1200, from the daily view, short-term moving average Guaitou, below the long-term average support, MACD MACD zero axis running, Bollinger rail side, bottom rail expansion, from upstream, above resistance 1.1240, 1.1300, from the downward direction, below the support of 1.1150, 1.1100. SMPForex 2016-2-5 [Sina] shares into the financial discussion

SMPForex:通胀疲软 欧央行恐将继续加大宽松力度   欧元区通胀持续低迷,近日欧央行行长德拉吉发表讲话表示,全球经济多个因素正在拉低通胀,这意味着央行们需要采取行动来完成他们的使命。对于欧洲央行而言,相对有限的管辖权利可能会带来一定的挑战,但是欧央行不会向低通胀低头。若有必要,央行会采取更多宽松措施,过晚行动的风险比过早行动更大。   德拉吉强调,欧央行12月会议以来,新兴市场的不确定性增加、金融市场大幅波动、大宗商品重挫、地缘政治风险升温,都使得欧元区经济的下行风险增加。值此之际,确保欧元区经济有抵抗性,是极其重要的。尽管全球通胀疲软是不争的现实,但是这并不会影响到欧洲央行在必要的时刻采取更多宽松措施。   上月德拉吉表示,中国经济增速放缓、全球市场动荡,都给欧元区经济复苏带来挑战,欧央行可能在3月会议上加大刺激力度。德拉吉暗示或推出更多刺激政策,欧央行行动"没有限制",欧央行会动用使命范围内一切可能的工具。欧央行的货币政策工具将根据环境的变化做出变化,否则欧央行的公信力将受到影响。   从技术上看,昨日欧元亚太盘开盘后震荡反弹,盘中收复1.1200后继续扩大涨幅,从日线来看,短期均线拐头向上,中长期均线下方支撑,MACD零轴上方金叉运行,布林中轨偏上,上下轨扩张,从上行方向看,上方阻力1.1240,1.1300,从下行方向看,下方支撑1.1150,1.1100.   SMPForex   2016-2-5 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: