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Travel-and-Leisure Wildlife up close Would you like to cuddle a lion cub? Or perhaps you’d love to stare into the eyes of massive Nile crocodile? South Africa’s diverse and amazing wildlife is one of the main reasons to visit the country, and you don’t only have to only see these beautiful animals from behind a car window on a game drive: animal experiences across the country allow you to see a variety of fascinating creatures up close. There are unique opportunities to have a close encounter with animals all over the country and these range from ostrich rides to lion parks. These experiences allow visitors to meet the animals while holding them, interacting with them or even feeding them. In depth talks and information sessions are often held on the behaviour, habitat and conservation of these incredible animals. If you want to go a step beyond merely interacting with these animals, many of these facilities are also conservation and breeding projects that are always in need of support. Adopting an endangered animal is one of the best ways to ensure your legacy is left behind at the end of your trip. Animal Encounters around Johannesburg Johannesburg is the urban centre of South African business and industry: a large, busy metropolis. But surprisingly, there are several locations in and around the city where you can experience wonderful animal life at close range. You wouldn’t necessarily expect a bird garden inside an opulent casino and entertainment .plex, but the Montecasino Bird Gardens is a hidden gem of Johannesburg. The gardens are home to a collection of over 142 species of birds, as well as the largest and most diverse private collection of African cycads in the world. Visitors can experience the colourful, exotic and unusual birds in unrestrained flight during a spectacular and educational presentation. For another amazing experience of the ornithological variety, visit the South African National Bird of Prey Centre, which is a registered non profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of raptors from all over the world. The centre emphasises the crucial role that birds of prey play in the food chain, and visitors can learn about these significant birds, while helping with the conservation of the threatened species. Flying displays are held, in which various birds, ranging from tiny owls to massive eagles, are flown so that visitors can understand more about their habits and unique characteristics. To get personal with the king of the jungle, head to the Lion Park near Fourways, within easy reach of Johannesburg and Pretoria. The park offers fantastic up close views and interactions with a variety of predators and large herbivores indigenous to South Africa. Of course, the beautiful lions are the highlight of the park, which has over 80 of these impressive cats, including rare white lions. There are also cheetah, wild dog, hyena and blacked backed jackal as well as a wide variety of antelope. You can climb the park’s giraffe feeding platform which puts you at eye level with the resident tame giraffe. Or for a really special animal experience, you can cuddle an adorable lion cub. Animals in Ostrich Country .mercial ostrich farming started during the late 1880’s in South Africa and this was also the start of the ostrich industry worldwide. The fashion demand in Europe for ostrich feathers inspired the growth of the industry, with the Oudtshoorn district quickly being established as the Ostrich capital of the world. Ostriches are still farmed in great numbers in Outshoorn and the surrounding areas, and there are many farms where you can interact with this large, flightless bird. Ostrich farms provide .prehensive information about ostriches and the ostrich industry, and also include opportunities to feed the big peculiar-looking birds, sit on them, or even ride them, if you dare. One farm will even let you hug and kiss their friendly female ostrich which gives a new meaning to ‘a peck on the cheek’! Ostriches are truly fascinating birds, and riding an ostrich is an experience that you definitely won’t The Oudtshoorn district also offers brilliant animal encounters apart from the ostriches. If you’d like to meet a cheetah and assist in the fight against the extinction of endangered species, head to the Cango Wildlife Ranch. It’s the biggest cheetah contact centre worldwide and offers visitors the rare opportunity of interacting with the ranch’s hand-reared cheetahs, and playing with Bengal tiger cubs. The really daring can even wrap themselves in a python or go cage-diving with Nile crocodiles. For an unparalleled animal experience, visit the Meerkat Magic Conservation Project in Oudtshoorn, where you can walk with meerkats in the wild. These shy little creatures are normally very difficult to spot and study, but the Meerkat Man, a nature conservationist who has been studying meerkats for more than 10 years, will lead you to their desert burrows, where you can closely observe these appealing animals. You will also be assisting to fund wild meerkat habitat conservation. Whether you’re hugging an ostrich, or quietly observing a meerkat, you’ll definitely be touched by an encounter with South Africa’s animals. These special animal experiences will leave you in awe of the country’s magnificent wildlife. 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