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Reference-and-Education He trailed off then, leaving the rest of the description to my imagination. Elling was let go by CBS shortly after, and though he doesnt believe it had anything to do with the Augusta debacle, he doesnt know for sure, and never will.They just make up the rules on the fly, said Elling. If you ask them why, it like youre 10 years old and asking your dad Why cant I watch that TV show? And your dad saysPrestige MSR I said so. Im sorry man, that not good enough for me! You cannot put enough Grey Pompon on your shit sandwich to get me to eat it without complaint.When I finally arid, things got even stranger. I strolled around the course on Wednesday with a media member who Im sure would prefer to remain anonymous, and he stopped me on the back nine. I thought it would be easy the loblolly pines were everywhere, and so was the pine strawbut I couldnt spot even a single pinecone. What I did see were black men in white jumpsuits, one assigned to each acre, tasked with scooping up any piece of litterwhich, to Augusta, apparently includes pinecones the minute it hit the ground. It was a site, I imagined, that would have delighted Roberts.Now look around, my friend said again. Find a squirrel. questionable theory that squirrels prefer softwood trees and Augusta doesnt let softwoods like the Nat sweet gum grow on the grounds.Now look up, he said, obviously having performed this patter before. Notice any birds?At Prestige MSR Bangalore , I felt a low rumble of panic in my stomach. How the hell do you keep birds out? Some kind of electric sonar sky fence that scrambles their brains or do you pay locals to come shoot them en masse in late March? When I called Curt Sampson, he had a different explanation for the missing animals they couldnt get a membership. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: