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UnCategorized Please read this article it could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on ink cartridges. I’ve been in the cartridge refill business for 6 years now and there’s one thing that I have learned. There is a lot of BS going around about ink cartridges. I’m here to set you straight and save you plenty on ink. Of coarse the manufacturers will try to force you to buy their cartridges and that’s understandable because of the very high markup on ink cartridges. They will try to make you think that .patible or refilled cartridges will damage your printer. Lets look at it this way if you used 5 .patibles you would save enough to buy that $99.00 printer. So what are you afraid of? Now let me tell you I have customers bringing their printers to my shop all the time. The fact is print heads clog up just as often with originals as they do with .patibles. There is no magic in original cartridges, although billions in advertising has brought the manufacturers to almost the level of gods in some people’s minds. In fact some of the newer color cartridges with the pigmented ink are the worst of all. After the ink dries it’s almost impossible to dissolve even with their cleaner. One of my customers bought a printer on Ebay and it was promptly shipped out and arrived 3 days later. But the sender had removed the cartridges and put them in plastic bags. This is not the thing to do! The heads were so dried out that that manufacturers own cleaner wouldn’t unclog it. This was with original manufacturers cartridges. If you ship a printer be sure and leave the cartridges in it. With spectrometers and other equipment ink manufacturers can very closely determine what is in ink and duplicate it. You know scientists can tell the .position of stars billions of miles away, do you think it’s a problem to tell what in ink? I had a customer .e in one day and he had on of those expensive printers that take 6 cartridges. He said well I’ll try just 2 to see how they work. He didn’t sound very convinced. He came in a few days later and said I couldn’t hardly believe it If anything the pictures look even better. What happens is that when a printer clogs up it is immediately blamed on the ink .patible or refilled cartridge. When the problem is that the printer hasn’t been used often enough. Another thing that happens is that printers have a parked position where the print head sometimes drip some ink. This area usually on the extreme right of the printer is always black with ink and most people don’t even notice it. But after getting a cartridge refilled or using a .patible they go looking for ink and then they spot this ink and say your cartridges is leaking all over the place. They have heard that refills leak. Properly filled cartridges do not leak What basally causes clogs is the printer isn’t used often enough. I re.mend printing a page every day or two. I see some manufacturers re.mend printing at least every two-week but I have found this isn’t nearly often enough. I have seen on the Internet a free utility made for this that automatically prints a page a day. Maybe you can find it. . On refills if the empties have been sitting around for weeks or months there may be a problem with clogs. The fillers may have powerful equipment to clean cartridges but dried up ink inside the cartridge can break loose later causing a clog. At my business we basally fill the customers own cartridge. So if the customer brings it to us in a reasonable length of time there is no problem. However after years of trying to educate people it still happens that some still let them set around for months before getting them filled. So after all this how much can I save? If you can use .patible cartridges you can get good American made cartridges at a savings of 70% or more. Now that’s like buying gas at 75 cents a gallon, now that what I call a savings. If .patible cartridges aren’t available for your printer you must use refills and can save 25 to 40%. In another article what’s The Best Printer and Why I explain the difference between these types of printers. Money gets tighter and tighter for many people. It makes sense to save money where you can. Some schools and other large users could be saving thousands and the taxpayer is paying the bill. You can also do refills yourself but some of the newer cartridges are difficult. I will have an article on this later. I’m for the little man. I see on some forums people re.mending that you use originals only. I can only say I think they are repeating what they have heard from others. I doubt that they really know much about the subject. I f you use refills and let your empties set around for months before refilling About the Author: 相关的主题文章: