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Sales-Management Were all familiar with the Like icon on our facebook and other places, right? You know, the arm with the thumb up. Ive noticed people using it increasingly more and more. They like persons, places, things, photos. They like the .ments others make and even the .ments of the .ments others make. Sometimes, the like button is misused such as when someone likes the statement: My dog died and I sure do miss him. Hmmm. It got me to thinking. Im going to share my likes in favor of having a mobile, web-based, cloud-.puting app for time tracking. Like- Its time to get rid of the punch clock, the time cards, the timesheets, the little slips of paper handwritten with last weeks hours on them, the piles of old record-keeping, the printed reports no one ever looks at, the ledgers no one ever posts on. Nix the paper glut. Like a time tracker that easily and seamlessly integrates with your current system so that everyone can now clock in and clock out in real time from anywhere at any time (for instance, when you start work and when you stop work like!) using an iPhone or a smartphone or any phone with a texting feature. This web-based app turns any pc or mobile device into a time clock. So no matter where you are or how many projects youre working on, you have your online timesheet in the palm of your hand. Like In fact, time tracking and time management apps actually allow you to program so that when your employee clocks in, a full to do list is available for them so theres no guessing game as to what theyll be doing, where, and when. And if they have multiple tasks in multiple locations, its no problem. The time tracker removes the confusion and spells out their responsibilities for each day. Like Speaking of many projects, time tracking software affords you the capability of assigning job codes to all your high level tasks or clients, enhancing better organization and more manageability. Your client gets better service, more efficiency, and you get better at what you do. In addition, time tracking apps enable you to better bid future jobs because you now have the data to substantiate and predict costs, both labor and materials. Like Once all this data is collected, your program actually generates invoices for you. That way you can assure your client that your record keeping is accurate and is not as subject to human error as manual entry would be. This removes the guesswork AND improves your bookkeeping efforts. And you can export to payroll as well. Like One of the greatest features of time tracking software is the reports that can be automated. Before you had to rely on employee ingenuity or beg for certain reports; now they are as easy as the push of a button (or two) and cover a wide array of features. They can be as simple or .plex as you need them to be. Try finding a busy employee who can make that promise.and deliver! Like Oftentimes, one of our biggest considerations is cost. Whats it going to cost me? Well, thats good news. Youll like this. For as low as $10 a month, you can begin to track time, manage employees tasks, and begin generating reports. But dont sell yourself short. Look into what time tracking .panies offer to be sure you get the features most helpful for your business. You will begin to see cost savings right away and hugely in the long run. Like Best of all, you are freed up to manage your most vital assets your people. Your employees have opportunities to improve performance and make more measurable contributions to the .pany. So can you! You like? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: