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Marketing When radio stations first went on the air, people were introduced to a new media for their entertainment, such as movies, magazines, television and the Internet. It did not take long for .panies to realize the potential of what is now called traditional media marketing to generate brand exposure. For at least half of the past decade, people have been using social networking sites and reading blogs for entertainment. Recently, .panies started realizing the unique potential of advertising in social media. In fact, not too long ago, social media marketing became a coined phrase according to Google Trends. In 2009, the phrases popularity has already grown 4 times faster than it did all of last year. There is something different about social media marketing though; .municating through social media is extremely cost-efficient and the process involves far fewer steps than other forms of advertising. Both a .mercial on television and a blog written by your .pany have the potential to reach audiences globally at the same time. At the speed that social media marketing is a social norm for .panies, in the near future, it will be .mon for most .panies to be involved in some sort of social media. Today, if a .pany is operating without an e-mail address or a Web site, they seem out of touch. Soon we can expect the same for .panies who choose not to participate in social media. There are many pros and cons to social media. The following is a list of pros and cons to help your .pany determine if social media is right for you. The pros Social media marketing helps improve the relevancy and organic search engine results of your .panys brand. Adds transparency to your .pany, offering consumers an open perspective of your business. The Cons Social Media Marketing demands .mitment; once you have an audience, it is up to you to cultivate them and keep them interested. ROI is delayed most of the time. Social media is viral, but it still takes time. This is something that should be thought of as a long term marketing effort when deciding if your .pany should engage in social media. With all of that being said, simply publishing a Facebook Fan Page and posting a few random tweets about your .pany isnt going to get your .pany the viral exposure for which youd hope. Before beginning your social media marketing campaign, you need to formulate a plan, choose your target audience, decide what each social network will address and set your goals. One of your goals should be to spread knowledge about your .pany and your industry, the kind of knowledge that your followers will feel inclined to spread to their friends. For examples of social media efforts you can view Agency Creatives social media links below: About the Author: One of your goals should be to spread knowledge about your .pany and your industry, the kind of knowledge that your followers w 相关的主题文章: