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Appropriate mobile application testing , desktop testing and web site testing demand scrutinous formulation of test data. Well prepared data simplify and amend functional testing and aid to define confusing requirements. When elaborating documentation it is a good idea to use data dictionary in which one can record usage rules, database structures and other significant issues. It helps to understand data connections and parts interrelations of the tested system. It is known that it is unreal to test all the assumed variants of inputs and outputs of software. Thats why many different software testing methods were elaborated. Their aim is to specialize input data and develop optimum quantity of test cases covering all the significant functional and nonfunctional requirements of the software. It helps to choose the most appropriate test paths taking into consideration test data. – Edge-condition Testing Usually there are a lot of software bugs at the boundaries of software. This method is efficient when testing edges. In case boundary conditions are not mentioned in the requirements they must be found during web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing . Often it is impossible to define boundaries during the requirement development process due to .plexity of the system. Software testing .pany should maintain suitable number of enrolments in the database. At the beginning of the testing process .pact well controlled database is good. It will grow during different stages and types of testing. 2. Data Values Test engineers should research data values. Different database enrolments may contain data of different types. For instance, different account balances. A good test case takes into account the type of data from the database. should save the primary state of enrolments in the database. Performing testing a tester can change data in database. This change will affect the work of other testers as it will affect the outputs of other test cases. One of the best ways to avoid it is to provide each tester with a separate data file. In this case testers will perform testing without risk to alter the primary state of the database. It is also good to provide each tester with a set of tasks that tests certain area of functionality. Make sure that testers areas of functionality do not overlay. 4. Terms To test some software functions, data in the database must meet specific terms. For instance, function, ac.plishing depreciation of fixed assets at the end a month. Preparation of data that already meet the terms of performing depreciation will simplify testing process of this function. 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