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Health The twelve-step programme is envisioned as an elaborate guide designed for the very purpose of recovery of alcoholism. If you are considering seriously to stop drinking or boozing around with your friends in the social circle, it would be necessary to look for unique and specially designed twelve-step programme. The programme is engendered not only with the mission of stop drinking, but it goes a step further and seriously aims towards detailed understanding of emotional and mental causes by any and every means. Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith pioneered the twelve-step programme after the duo medicos got in touch with esteemed Oxford Group. It is significant to consider here that the Oxford Group, from where the programme took the shape did not at all take towards the alcoholics. On the contrary, Oxford Group initialized the programme to be spiritual in nature. Wilson and Smith were the first medical professionals who used integrated values and eventually integrated them in the process of creation of comprehensive the popular 12-step programme. 12-step programme on Alcoholism Treatment: The Real Steps 1. When we are admitted, we truly acknowledge the fact that we were powerless and no control over alcohol. Our lives have become completely unmanageable. 2. Soon we come to believe that there is power greater than ourselves that would eventually restore us to rationality. 3. We then make the decision to turn all the wills and our living to care of almighty as closely as we are able to understand him. 4. Made a detailed and penetrating and courageous moral register of ourselves. 5. Admitted to the divine providence, to us, as well as our fellow beings the nature of our wrong doings. 6. Were completely prepared to let the God eliminate all these defects of personality from our soul. 7. Modestly pray to God to help us to remove our inadequacies. 8. Made comprehensive inventory of the persons whom we had harmed and became eager to make compensation to them all for our wrong doings. 9. Made straight restitution to such people wherever and whenever likely, but do not injure them or others whom we know. 10. Unremittingly maintained personal register and promptly admitted all our wrong doings. 11. Pursued through prayer and contemplation to advance our conscious communication with God, as we got in communion with Him, imploring only for knowledge of His will for us and the influence to carry his will. 12. A spiritual awakening occurs as the result of following the steps; the message is eventually carried to alcoholics, and to exercise these principles in all the routine life affairs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: