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7 sitting exposed female lead: all secret action habits and ways of thinking, are hidden in a constant law. So what is the secret of the character behind the different sitting position? Remember what you used to sit in, or what was your lover’s position? The 7 kind of sitting posture exposes the female secret 1 and the foot is sitting the woman most popular sitting method. Women who sit like this have a strong sense of self-control and vigilance. It’s hard to open your heart. Because there is a strong spirit of cleanliness, so more than flesh on the spirit of the pursuit of love. 2 sit and sit in the artist, model. Be fully aware that you are being watched, and that you will be able to see yourself more beautiful. It (the sitting person) high self-esteem. Such women tend to love to put on airs, the men are also demanding. Often do not take the common man as the goal. But there is a tendency to know the true meaning of happiness, even if the other side is not their own standards of choice, will slowly get into. Such women also have this weakness. 3 one leg on the other leg is relatively easy to get tired of the body, so the character a little lack of initiative. I can’t say "like you" to a man. Is often dominated by men. Often by men is a strong offensive to fruition. In addition, the right foot in the above female relatively lively, prefer to make their own choice. The 4 foot cross, sitting posture not to relax the knees do not care about the surrounding atmosphere. Self – centered. Prefer to communicate openly with men, but the opposite is hard to open their hearts. It’s not very sensitive to the feelings and emotions of the male, so it’s a bit lonely to be in love with this type of woman. 5 feet, thighs together this type of women in most holds such an idea: meet hate men, even a finger to touch. Like older than his uncle type. That is, the tendency of "Electra complex". Women of this type are likely to be both physical and mental. 6 legs stretched, one foot on the other foot of this kind of women are particularly concerned about how others look at themselves. In a word, the excess of self-consciousness. Very sensitive to fashion, fashion. Both childish and mature side, is a wonderful combination. Like sweet words, hate tough men. 7 legs are optimistic, sitting ajar open character. Never stingy or dudunangnang. Not nervous, do not cover up their own, so do not worry too much with them. Can relax the mood and communication.相关的主题文章: