A man hiding nocturnal night in Hedong District warehouse even steal shops-splitit

A man hiding nocturnal night in Hedong District warehouse even stole shops in September 12th morning, Hedong District a home city underground layer of a number of businesses found on the shop in the money lost, but the shop shops are intact. Roughly estimated, fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan of stolen cash, as well as mobile phones, iPad tablet computers and other things. Hedong three criminal investigation brigade received a report immediately rushed to the scene investigation. Through the retrieval of surveillance video home city, police found a man wearing a white T-shirt Man 11 suspicious appearance and movements, at 3 pm to enter the home city, and not into the store shopping, just hang out in the hall, until the home city closed shop after at 1 pm, the man once again appear in the in video surveillance. In the video, he repeatedly locked the coil gate locked by the wire lock and opened a gap that could be used for entering and leaving the shop. Accordingly, the police basically determine that the man is a suspect. In the process of investigation, the police found the criminal means of crime is very old, nocturnal hiding warehouse, the scene of the crime did not leave too much traces, but careful search in the police or the scene of the crime molecular footprints and biological samples. Through the biological samples collected in the field, the police search in the system, and found an effective information. This information shows that biological sample master Nguyen, Fujian, 2015 in a Nanjing Meikailong in the same way the theft was sentenced. In June, he came to Tianjin from Beijing, and stayed in Tianjin for a while. Police immediately aware of repeatedly committing the crime in this period of time is likely to be a fact, through cross validation, the police found in August of this year occurred in a district of Hongqiao city decoration theft is ruanmou for. After investigation, the police learned that ruanmou in September 18th by coach from Tianjin to Shandong city of Ji’nan Province, and a hotel stay near the JiNan Railway Station, Shandong police immediately to the police request support, September 19th 10 am, the rest of the hotel is ruanmou arrested.

昼伏夜出藏身库房 男子一晚上在河东区连偷多家店铺   9月12日一早,河东区某家装城地下一层的多家商户发现,放在店铺中的钱物丢失,但商铺的店门均完好无损。粗略估算,被盗现金五六万元,还有手机、iPad平板电脑等物。   河东刑侦三大队接到报案后马上赶往现场勘察。通过调取家装城的监控录像,民警发现一名身穿白色T恤的男子形迹可疑,这名男子11日下午3时许进入家装城,并没有进店购物,只是在大厅里闲逛,等到家装城闭店后的凌晨1时许,这名男子再一次出现在监控视频中。视频中,他多次将钢丝锁锁住的卷闸门拉开一个可供自己出入的缝隙进入商铺。据此,警方基本确定该名男子就是犯罪嫌疑人。在现场勘察的过程中,民警发现犯罪分子的作案手段十分老到,昼伏夜出藏身库房,作案现场也没有留下太多的痕迹,但是在民警的仔细搜寻下还是在现场提取到了犯罪分子的脚印和生物样本。   通过在现场采集到的生物样本,警方在系统中进行了搜索,并找到了一条有效信息。信息显示,这个生物样本的主人姓阮,福建人,2015年曾在南京一家红星美凯龙以同样的方式进行盗窃被判刑。今年6月从北京来到天津,之后一段时间都在天津停留。办案民警马上意识到在这段时间中阮某很有可能多次作案,通过交叉比对,警方发现今年8月发生在红桥区一家装饰城的盗窃案也是阮某所为。   经过调查,民警得知阮某在9月18日乘长途车离津前往山东省济南市,并入住济南火车站附近的一家旅店,民警马上向山东警方请求支援,9月19日10时许,正在旅店休息的阮某被抓获。相关的主题文章: