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A village in Pingyu to find a foreign daughter-in-law two deaf son cheated 120 thousand cailiqian Pingyu County Public Security Bureau cracked series of transnational marriage fraud – Evening News reporter Su Ling correspondent Zhao Shuo Zhao Yanliang yesterday, a reporter from the Pingyu County Public Security Bureau, the County Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade cracked series of transnational marriage fraud. In May 18, 2016, Pingyu County Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade received a report said the villagers Li Tun Zhen Gan: in April of this year, their understanding of the fan and a woman named "ah" with two foreign girls, to give the two deaf son daughter-in-law to introduce "bride price" in the name, cheated 120 thousand yuan. After receiving the report, Pingyu County Public Security Bureau set up a task force to investigate. After investigation, the suspect fan repeatedly to introduce the object name to the local young men introduced foreign daughter-in-law, cheat money from high price. At the same time, the ad hoc group was informed that in the survey, the fan will also have a transaction. Accordingly, the task force was dispatched, on May 26th, in the county of Pingyu passenger station, fan, Chen, Lee and 4 foreign women, ruanmou, Huang Moumou, Huang mou. After investigation, the suspect Chen know Guangxi Chongzuo Lee in Guangdong during the work in Dongguan. After deliberation, the two partner to start by Lee to the mainland for delivery of foreign bride "business". Chen contact in the mainland cousin fan find buyers". Since the second half of 2015, 3 people began to transport the mainland foreign bride of more than 20 people, with the business expansion, suspects Lee, Chen in Guangdong and Guangxi develop their relatives Momou and friends Xiemou, foreigners Hwang, Weimou the gang members, joint implementation of fraud, the formation of a transnational marriage fraud gang. In the grasp of the fact that the criminal gangs, police task force dispatched to many, on June 9th in Guangdong city of Shantou province will foreign man wie, agricultural captured in Guangxi in June 10th; Nanning will suspect Xiemou captured; on June 13th in Guangxi city of Chongzuo province will Momou suspects arrested. Wie, a farm, Xiemou, Momou 4 after appearing on the implementation of fraud confessed to the crime. According to the suspects confessed, the ad hoc group through case by case investigation and verification, the successful detection of the implementation of the "foreign bride Gang" transnational marriage fraud cases since 10, trafficking in women and children 1 cases, involving up to 592 thousand yuan. At present, Hwang, Moumou, ruanmou has been repatriated, fan and other 8 suspects have been prosecutors approved the arrest according to law. (day evening news)

平舆一村民给俩聋哑儿子找外籍媳妇 被骗12万彩礼钱平舆县公安局侦破系列跨国婚姻诈骗案□晚报记者 苏 玲 通讯员 赵 硕 赵彦良本报讯 昨日,记者从平舆县公安局获悉,该县公安局刑警大队侦破系列跨国婚姻诈骗案。2016年5月18日,平舆县公安局刑警大队接李屯镇村民甘某报案称:今年4月,其认识的范某和一名叫“阿梅”的女子带着两个外籍女孩,以给其两个聋哑儿子介绍媳妇需要“彩礼钱”为名,骗走12万元钱。接报后,平舆县公安局成立专案组展开调查。经查,犯罪嫌疑人范某多次以介绍对象为名,给本地男青年介绍外籍媳妇,从中骗取高价彩礼钱。同时,专案组在调查中获悉,近期范某还将有一次交易。据此,专案组遂对其展开布控,于5月26日,在平舆县客运站,将范某、陈某、李某及4名外籍女子黄某、阮某、李某某、黄某抓获。经查,嫌疑人陈某在广东东莞打工期间认识了广西崇左人李某。经商议,二人合伙做起通过李某往内地输送外籍新娘的“生意”。陈某联系其在内地的表亲范某找“买家”。自2015年下半年开始,3人开始往内地输送外籍新娘20多人,后随着“生意”扩大,嫌疑人李某、陈某还在广东、广西两地发展其亲戚莫某、朋友谢某,外籍人员黄某、魏某为其团伙成员,共同实施诈骗活动,形成了一个跨国婚姻诈骗团伙。 在掌握该团伙的犯罪事实后,专案组民警分赴多地,于6月9日在广东省汕头市将外籍男子魏某、农某抓获;于6月10日在广西南宁将犯罪嫌疑人谢某抓获;于6月13日在广西省崇左市将犯罪嫌疑人莫某抓获。魏某、农某、谢某、莫某4人到案后,对实施诈骗的犯罪事实供认不讳。根据犯罪嫌疑人供述,专案组通过逐案调查核实,成功侦破该团伙实施“外籍新娘”跨国婚姻诈骗案件10起、拐卖妇女儿童案件1起,涉案金额高达59.2万元。目前,黄某、李某某、阮某已被遣返回国,范某等8名犯罪嫌疑人已被检察机关依法批准逮捕。 (天中晚报)相关的主题文章: