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Accelerate the improvement of the food safety system   high quality milk is praised to lead the upgrading of quality – Food Channel – People’s Daily recently held the sixteenth session of China’s convenience food conference focused on food safety again. At the meeting, the relevant person in charge said that China’s food safety system to accelerate the improvement, to build a national food safety standards in line with China’s national conditions. In this regard, the industry experts pointed out that accelerate the improvement of food safety system, the core is to quality to safety. In terms of quality, commitment to the health of the people’s livelihood dairy, the first to promote the construction of high-quality milk move, called the food industry to promote the construction of a typical reference security system. The concept of high quality milk is a process, not a single index. It should include "good milk source, strong research and development, strict management, excellent logistics, high standards" and other "five-star" standard features. Experts pointed out that although the concept of high-quality milk in the industry can realize the system for having heard it many times, but still not much. In the course of the practice of high quality milk, the above five aspects are indispensable, no matter which one of the single index is excellent, can not be used as dairy quality indicators. On the contrary, high quality milk is a dynamic process, not the product of a link. For the concept of high quality milk, dairy expert Chen Yu cited the master of quality management guru Deming to explain: product quality is produced, not tested out." Chen Yu pointed out that the dairy industry chain compared to other agricultural products longer, the key link of various more, so to provide consumers with high-quality milk, not only focus on the specific products, the specific index, the specific category, but to focus on the entire dairy industry chain. Chen Yu said that the overall improvement of the entire industry, is a complex process, but from the point of view of key nodes, at least should include R & D, milk, management, distribution and standards. So specific to all aspects, what should be done? Experts pointed out that in terms of R & D, to gather the world’s top innovative R & D resources, in the nutritional formula, processing technology and other aspects, to achieve world-class standards. At the same time, calcium protein, main nutrients in milk should be high, reach and exceed national standards, with the international advanced standard, and according to the health needs of different people; in the milk, from the condition of advanced large-scale, standardized, intensive pasture, the main nutritional components of protein, calcium and other products the total number of colonies, raw milk, somatic cell count and other key indicators, are in line with or better than the national standard, with world class standards; in the process of production, to strengthen management, with the world, the introduction of international top quality management standards and certification, establish and implement perfect, first-class quality management system, strict control of product from the source to each link terminal; logistics distribution, to the introduction of modern technology, such as the whole GPS positioning terminal sales channel network coverage of consumer life circle , the product can achieve quality traceability. For the promotion of high-quality milk, experts pointed out that the overall product quality at the same time, an important role to promote the construction of food safety system; in addition, the upgrade level in response to the consumer, it will also promote the process of building the model. (Note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference)相关的主题文章: