American IVF baby into the trend of blastocyst transplant success rate of 80%- Sohu

The United States is a trend of IVF blastocyst transfer success rate of 80%- Sohu maternal in September 23, 2016, the top U.S. IVF specialist Chinese line Guangzhou Railway Station activities in Guangzhou Zhujiang New City Fuli YINKAI building was held successfully. From the Las Vegas Center for reproductive Bruce · Shapiro (Bruce Shapiro), and shipped to Guangzhou, had a professional class "made to the people of Guangzhou". Bruce · Shapiro (Bruce Shapiro), in an interview with the family doctor online, two-child policy after the opening, the number of couples in the United States for IVF increased significantly. Blastocyst transfer technique can improve the success rate and the quality of pregnant women. The success rate of IVF is only 20% of the world’s highest Chinese – 40% IVF in vitro extraction of eggs and sperm for artificial insemination after eggs were then transplanted back into the woman’s uterus, in order to achieve a technique for female pregnancy. Test tube baby technology since its appearance, has created a fertility for many infertile families hope, has been a more mature technology. But the technological gap between China and the United States is still very large. Bruce · (Bruce Shapiro), said the United States, the success rate of IVF in the United States can reach about 80%, while the success rate of IVF in China is only 22%-26%. The United States IVF generally cost only 2-3 million dollars, the cost of domestic and not much difference between. IVF can be carried out in the embryo before, can carry out the relevant genetic diseases and screening, to avoid embryonic defects, to ensure the quality of pregnancy. According to the relevant laws of the United States, IVF can be carried out before the gender selection, which has attracted many traditional Chinese families to the United States to do ivf. Bruce · Dr. (Bruce Shapiro), where the Las Vegas reproductive medical center, the average annual reception of nearly 250 Chinese customers. The United States IVF blastocyst transfer technology more emphasis on quality and a higher success rate of eugenics is not China patent policy. Americans also value eugenics. Bruce · Shapiro (Bruce Shapiro) said, the United States and a Chinese IVF is different, the doctor will do a single sperm injection for each to do IVF patients, namely in the tens of millions of sperm, the selection of the best combination of sperm and egg quality, produce the best quality embryos. The common test tube baby technology in the embryonic development of 3 days after the transplant, at this time the fertilized egg is only divided into the 8 cells, can not guarantee the quality of the embryo, also can not predict the success rate of pregnancy. Blastocyst transfer is performed only after 5-6 days of embryo development. At this point, the embryo is divided into 128 cells, you can find out whether there is a genetic disease gene. Embryo survival time in vitro 5-6 days, can be determined in the womb!相关的主题文章: