Apple in China to apply for dual sim card patents, dual sim dual standby version of iPhone to come –

Apple in China to apply for dual SIM card patents, dual sim dual standby version of iPhone to come? I would like to buy a Sohu iPhone, but there is no dual card dual standby ah! I have to buy a dual card dual standby! It is estimated that there are a lot of people in the purchase of iPhone will have such concerns, but the dual sim dual standby iPhone is likely to be far away from us. China’s official website of the official website of the Intellectual Property Office, apple submitted earlier this year, two copies of the dual card design patent technology. Apple’s two patent applications in China are used for dual SIM device power consumption reduction technology and dual SIM network selection technology. Although Apple often there will be some seemingly cool but not reliable patent was exposed, and a lot of patent application for the apple will not be used in their products. But the apple in China to apply for dual SIM patents, almost no suspense will be used after the iPhone. However, it should be noted that, from the Patent Description of the application, the application of Apple’s dual SIM network selection technology, and we usually recognize the dual sim dual standby concept is slightly different. From the point of view of Patent Description, dual SIM card technology provided by Apple will make a SIM card for the network configuration or roaming, another SIM for a local network communication network, this approach is likely to maintain a card slot support local operators SIM card, another SIM in fact is a virtual card. In fact, Apple has put technology using virtual SIM card data version of iPad Pro released at the beginning of this year, this technology will be transferred to the iPhone, which can realize the dual function of the network, while also saving the space inside the fuselage, after all iPhone thin body internal space is the scarcity of land. As for Apple’s application for dual SIM card patent will be used on the generation of iPhone, it is not known. However, Apple has filed a patent from the point of view, the next generation iPhone will be able to use dual SIM card technology is likely.         相关的主题文章: