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Are you ready for the National Day holiday? Introduction: there are a few days to go to the National Day holiday! I believe that many of my friends have planned in this autumn when a self driving tour? (source: Dong Tao said car) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Since it is self driving tour, the stability of the vehicle has become the first protection of the quality of our travel and play. So before going on a trip to the vehicle must be a comprehensive and thorough inspection and maintenance, to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition, to ensure the successful completion of a long journey. So where are the keys to the inspection? Let Xiaobian take you into the garage to see what we should focus on the inspection before going out! Check the oil in any kind of vehicle inspection, the most important thing is the engine oil check. First look at the amount of oil is appropriate; secondly check whether the quality of oil standards. We through the oil caliper to determine how many amount of oil, not to supplement. Then a small amount of oil in oil on the micrometer wipe in the white paper, judging by the color of the oil quality. The color is brown, is to replace the oil; the color of yellow, and good liquidity, do not need to be replaced. If you travel a long trip, in order to prevent the engine from the days of high temperature work led to deterioration of the oil, it is best to replace the new oil. Check the glass water on the way to travel more dust, glass water consumption amazing. In addition to the normal use, the high temperature will evaporate a lot. Therefore, we should regularly check the glass water to see whether it is necessary to add. If you do not add or feel trouble, you can wash the car, refueling, maintenance, so that the relevant personnel to help add. In case of emergency, pure water can be used instead of water, but this is only temporary. Check the replacement of brake oil brake oil is generally carried out in our daily maintenance, but in our daily use of the car, regular check is also necessary. Under normal circumstances, we check the amount of oil is sufficient, if it is found less than the normal value, it is best to supplement it in a timely manner. In addition, different brands of brake oil do not mix! Clean the engine compartment car out of travel, a healthy heart is not important, check engine oil, water tank level. If it is automatic models, you need to check whether the transmission oil is missing, if excessive consumption should be promptly added. Engine belt loose also need attention. A journey in the engine body, may be fatigued with the journey out of the radiator and the engine radiator of the air conditioner is covered with a layer of insulating oil, engine cooling and air conditioning work seriously, then you need to go to the 4S shop, on the engine and radiator for special cleaning with special cleaning agent. But at the same time, it should be noted that, due to the complexity of the engine compartment circuit, direct water washing engine is very dangerous. The upper part of the engine room dust, leaves and other debris must be cleaned. If engine oil leakage, the high temperature in summer is very easy to cause the vehicle to reach the burning point of leaves, spontaneous combustion. Check the brake system a good set of brakes, in the journey can be e相关的主题文章: