Artificial pancreas technology development, automated monitoring of blood sugar to facilitate diabet ca1477

The growth of artificial pancreas technology, automatic monitoring of blood glucose in patients with diabetes and convenient life – Sohu technology [Technews] science news for people with diabetes, need to measure blood sugar value to determine whether insulin injections, and to how many, these blood sugar control action down into two parts, not one, like a blood glucose meter needle can tell insulin injections, and the injection amount. But the researchers have to make it easier for patients to use insulin to automate the process, with all the devices combined with artificial pancreas to end all inconvenience. For patients with diabetes, insulin secretion is too high when blood sugar is low, leading to paralysis or even death; and insulin secretion is too low when the blood sugar becomes high, resulting in organ and nerve damage. The current implementation and monitoring of insulin for lack of coordination, not operation, very convenient for patients. Intelligent equipment with a blood glucose meter, insulin pumps seems quite obvious useful, can improve the life quality of patients with the convenience of invention, whether large manufacturers or new companies, which have invested to snatch the market. A child with diabetes engineer, Boston University Medical Engineer Ed Damiano founded the new Beta Bionics, launched with a blood glucose meter, insulin pump artificial pancreas iLet to monitor blood glucose status in patients with diabetes, high blood sugar can automatically for those on insulin injection. In addition to the control of insulin Beta Binics, but also regulate the blood sugar is responsible for raising glucagon. Device Beta Binics through the algorithm decided to release the hormone. Daminao said: "while adjusting insulin and glucagon can be more stable control of blood glucose." In the efforts of manufacturers, the United States medical equipment maker Medtronic (Medtronic) May approved for clinical trials by FDA, 124 participants using mixed pump, combined with insulin pump and blood glucose meter, automatically adjust the amount of insulin. Other investment team and school team from Virginia University and Harvard University jointly launched the largest coalition of glucose at the beginning of this year, with the mobile phone composite Sophia insulin pumps system in clinical testing, a total in the United States and Europe a total of 240 patients participated in, using two different algorithms to keep the patient blood sugar value. Although the traditional blood glucose meter, needle combined seems a short time also will not be replaced completely, but try the above mentioned artificial pancreas, bring more convenient living with diabetes, at least in the fully cured therapy appear to be the case. (source: The Bionic Pancreas named Team) extended reading related links for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: