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Asian carp occupy the waters of the United States scientists a variety of methods to stop the invasion in order to curb the U.S. Asian carp disaster caused by flooding water released the ultimate reference news network August 28th reported that the U.S. media said, less than half a century, Asian carp from American waters who developed to account for the number of Illinois River and the Mississippi River waters biological proportion up to 90%. No one to wipe out the invading species. But 10 years of efforts to stop Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes of North America may be effective. The "Chicago Tribune" website reported on August 22nd, the researchers used a variety of means, from the electronic noise barrier to the gun and using carbon dioxide do "fence", hoping to contain the Asian carp. Next summer, some of them will finish the final test. Reported that the United States Geological Survey of the center for Environmental Sciences at the center for the study of fish biologist Jon ·, said Anberg, multi pronged approach to solve the problem recently. He said: one of the 90% may be effective, but if five of the 90% are effective, it is very close to 100%." Experts say there are few Asian carp in the 44 thousand mile River in illinois. The federal agency estimates that there are only 3 million 100 thousand pounds of Asian carp in the lower reaches of the Illinois river. These figures also show that in recent years Asian carp continue to advance upstream. Regional natural resources experts annually spend HK $five to prevent Asian carp into the Great Lakes solution, the five great lakes has 186 kinds of invasive species, such as sea lampreys and zebra mussels. From there, they say, there is little to stop them from getting into and out of the big and small rivers of Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and canada. The Illinois Department of natural resources of the senior biologist and fish Director Dan · Stephenson said that some measures have blocked the spearhead of the species. Reported that, for 40 years, first introduced the South Asian carp, catfish pond to clean algae. However, this kind of fish has the ability to reproduce very well, with few natural enemies, often eating large amounts of plankton, which makes local fish less hungry. In addition to their invasion of ecological risk, but also constitute economic risk, because if they travel all the way to the five Great Lakes, may lead to a reduction in the income of tourism and leisure industry. Intercept the Asian carp may also damage the shipping industry, unless researchers find a way to intercept the fish and the rivers and canals and lake Michigan still interoperability, smoothly. One way to meet the requirements of these is installed in a channel bottom electrode, the formation of a fish farm will repel or stun. Reported that in 2002 the U.S. Army Corps of engineers in the Chicago Canal opened the first such electronic barriers, there are now 3 put into use. By 2017, the last part of the electronic barrier will be installed. According to Chris, commander of the army corps of engineers in Chicago, ·, Drew said that as a basic deterrent, electronic barriers are very effective. However, engineers need to address some of the potential drawbacks: for example, the small fish, the voltage is not strong enough, and the barge may be possible相关的主题文章: