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The 2016 annual Asian song list honors list of Sina entertainment news the evening of September 27th, the Asian song list 2016 annual festival held in Beijing. The following list of Honor – 2016 annual Asian song list honours list of the year’s most influential female singer: Li Yuchun’s most influential Male Singer: Wu Yifan the best combination of the year: TFBOYS year group: SNH48 annual Top Ten hits: "like Wang Junkai [micro-blog] (Young)," Feng Jianyu Wang Qing, "the summer", "micro-blog brilliance Yu]" ephemera "," DEMO ", Wang Qing Wang source [micro-blog]" because of you "," Hua Chenyu and Wu Yifan "Bad Girl" opposite "," Hua Chenyu "," Zhou Shen rose and other deer ", Zhou Shen" big fish "recommend" Dream Island "MV:SNH48, May [micro-blog]" if we had not met "TFBOYS", the rest of the summer "the second popular king Wang Sulong: [micro-blog] annual cross Singer: Cai Zhao Chen Qiushi, best lyricist: Wang Yajun "flower" best composer: JerryC "" small lucky year cutting-edge Music: Chen Li breakthrough of the year: Wang Sulong’s best creation song: "spread rainbow Choir feeling hollowed out" annual music from the media: @Houson, Dili, monkey farm @ @ ear lamp HOHO the scene of the accident, @ music and @Luv_DC, @DK in Beijing, @MusicWars @Steven_, love music, @ private music hall, @7 outside the windmill best creative marketing music website: QQ music best social network music: good sister band annual best fan groups: TFBOYS fans, Wu Yifan fans and Hua Chenyu fans. Zhang Jie, [micro-blog] fans and Li Yuchun fans the best singer songwriter: Xu Song [micro-blog] rookie of the year: Xu Weizhou annual fashion singer songwriter: recommend letter Album: Li Yuchun "barbaric growth" overseas outstanding singer: Mai Kuraki [micro-blog] annual media recommended Singer: best male singer Zhang Bichen, Kit Chan annual: Huachen Yu best female vocalist: Li Yuchun (commissioning editor: hidden)相关的主题文章: