Autumn is coming! – [] – brown sugar banana pound cake and Sohu

Fall! [] – brown sugar banana Pound Cake – Sohu eating half a month of the course finally rested. A few Tiandi home snack birthday, I do give him something to eat! As long as the weather cool, naturally do pound cake impulse, obviously, I’m a little personality man, because I found that a lot of people have their own distinct personality and obstinacy for holding, okay, just like that, everyone, all live! Because of class, because busy, actually not, thousands of excuses to make up their own laziness, I admit, I have to blog like grass I like the balcony of the tree citronella long, super strong. Micro-blog and WeChat have a circle of friends, now blog less, there are a lot of friends do not play micro-blog, or recommend the application, micro-blog can make you The broader horizons! Well, in fact, is this I can focus on the prescription from banana pound has my book < < the girl hand made cake > >, inside there is a brown sugar, red dates pound cake, the date for the mashed banana, today is also good! At the same time, borrow this cake deep reflections look, this well written blog! Plus the coconut, really delicious! []: brown sugar (24 banana pound cake. 5X10. Die 5X7 cm 2) material: butter 420 grams, 320 grams of brown sugar, egg 9, 350 grams of banana, coconut 30 grams, 524 grams of low gluten flour, baking powder 2 tsp Baking: the lower level, 170 degrees, 25 minutes with a knife in the middle water draw knife, and then continue to cook for 35 minutes. Practice: 2 room temperature completely soften the butter add brown sugar with a spatula to stir. Use the electric egg beater to the volume of large, color becomes shallow 3. 4. 7–9 add in room temperature egg, every time to be fully absorbed butter. 5. Add mashed banana and coconut, whisk. 6. Sift the flour and baking powder two times. 7. Turn with the scraper evenly. 8. Pour the paste into the mold, and then pour into the paste into the surrounding high school low appearance. Bake in 170 degrees, medium and low, bake for 60 minutes. Middle knife drawing! Little wordy: 1. This pound cake can be added to some roasted walnuts, will be more fragrant, I did not, so no. 2. Cold storage can be saved for 1 weeks, after slicing, eat a few drops of water in front of the plate, microwave hot food for more than 1 minutes!相关的主题文章: