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Baby constipation diet principles and Recipes – Sohu maternal seedling mother nagging: in the circle of friends and the background have received many mothers consulting constipation conditioning diet, just before we had to tell you this lesson, my friend is the national senior nutritionist Zhong Junyan prepared before the course; course content to share with you today; a variety of reasons from the detailed introduction of the ideas and recipes of constipation in children; constipation often plagued baby, let many parents bother, hope to share today to help you; children with constipation conditioning last autumn and sharing recipes, cooler weather, plus admission, consulting constipation Baoma special. Many treasure mother asked what food can relieve constipation, there is no recipe? First of all I have to say, no single food conditioning, don’t deify any kind of food recipes, conditioning points to reason, not one or two days will be effective, because the cause of the cause of constipation is also different, so we must first find the cause, symptomatic conditioning, then the patient diet conditioning; below is the poo pictures, the first and the two type that have constipation; parents should pay more attention to children with constipation is divided into functional and organic, organic is mainly some organ lesions, are rare; we mainly introduce functional constipation; usually constipation is due to diet or dietary fiber intake is not reasonable, illness, drug caused by constipation; hazard: the key of nutrition baby constipation: a dietary fiber, most baby The secret is the reason of diet is not reasonable, because of unreasonable dietary structure is important dietary fiber intake of dietary fiber; water soluble and insoluble in two categories, the two promote intestinal peristalsis plays an important role; see below, is rich in the two kinds of food we should eat food collocation. They can effectively increase the volume of manure, can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, promote the growth of intestinal bacteria, improve intestinal flora environment; vegetables, fruits, Cereals, potatoes are rich in dietary fiber food every day, parents must ensure vegetable intake of vegetables, dark leafy green vegetables are the best, accounting for about half of two, B; vitamin B vitamins, especially vitamin B1 and B2, and they can promote gastrointestinal motility in vivo functions, enhanced Gastrointestinal digestive function, promoting defecation; foods rich in vitamin B1 nuts, lean pork, coarse grains, fish, vegetables, fruits and other foods rich in vitamin B2, milk, eggs, meat, animal liver, Cereals, vegetables and fruits; but these are not all recommend to you, here recommended only crude Cereals, grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, meat, the rest of the liver is not recommended because of the high protein food into the body, it will cause stomach to digest the burden, and can not play a good role to improve digestion, promote defecation. The next focus of coarse grains, because there are a lot of babies do not eat, do not accept, but as parents, we must think of a way to let the baby to accept, because the more you eat, the more the lack, thus causing a vicious spiral, so parents should use their wisdom, let the baby love;相关的主题文章: