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Health Baby Heart Monitor($ 57 usd) Source: ..esaleschina../fetal-heart-detector-with-speaker-lcd-monitor-995.htm Quality Wholesale Fetal Heart Detector with Speaker + LCD Monitor + Continuous Doppler For Health Products, Fitness Gadgets, and Personal Electronics From China Wholesale Supplier Online. The .mom heart detectors include fetal heart detector, fetal heart detector manufacturer, baby heart detector, human heart detector, china wholesale fetal heart detector, wholesale china baby heart detector and so on. Baby heartbeat monitor: listen to your baby’s heart as they develop. Monitor the baby’s health safely and easily from the .fort of your home. Reassure yourself and relive the magic of that trip to the doctor when you heard the heartbeat for the first time. Easily record to internal flash so you can listen how the babies heartbeat sounded when you listen again in the future, this is a great way of measuring progress, hear the difference! An external speaker allows everyone to hear and the LCD read out show the baby’s heartbeats per minute (BPM) an audio line out is also provided by way of 3.5mm audio jack to facilitate recording to an external source. This is a .pletely passive device, it’s just like putting a microphone up to the baby, there are no transmitted emissions. A tremendous product at an even better wholesale price available now from ESaleschina, and yes, it works on adults too. ‘ Note: This product is not intended for medical use. China Wholesale Fetal Heart Detector with Speaker Specification Operating mode: Continuous Doppler Manufacturer Ref. : JGTLKNW73VM0 Other Features: Built In Recording 相关的主题文章: