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Reference-and-Education Besides connecting people around the globe, the Internet is also responsible for global business growth because it enabled .panies to reach customers all over the world. Even if the Internet brings all these advantages to all people, businesses still consider language as a barrier that keeps them from reaching a much wider audience. Though many .panies use the English language as a medium of .munication, many countries still opt to converse using their native language. Translation plays an important role in bridging .munication gaps. It helps in bringing large groups of culturally and linguistically different individuals together, letting them .municate in a more effective way. Whats the importance of translation and translators? Approximately 10% of the entire population of the world are native English speakers. In this case, theres always a large opportunity to connect and reach wider audience that speaks using their native language through the help of .panies and individuals that offer translation services. Theres an increasing rate of internet adaptability around the globe. These days, you can get anything done online. Hence, its essential for web contents to have other language translations. Many developing and industrialized countries such as China, Mexico, Italy, Germany, France and Spain do not use English as a means of business correspondence; they opt to use their native language instead. With the help of translators and translation services, .panies from other countries can transact with them without any problems whatsoever. Publications such as novels, books and literary texts should be translated into different languages so that people form other countries can read them. Here are the other benefits of translation: Reach a much wider audience. Why would .panies settle for their services and other products to stay locally when they can promote them to a worldwide audience? Translation services help promote businesses to markets in a level that havent been done before. Theres increased internet .merce. Its .mon nowadays to operate businesses online. Even if the websites of these businesses specifically target a particular group of people, chances are, there are people from other countries who will visit these websites as well. Translating website contents in different languages are of big help in connecting consumers and building business networks around the world. Not only that it will help consumers fully understand what these businesses can offer, it will also help businesses to increase sales revenues. There is a better technical translation. Many .panies use specific jargons and technical terms in their websites, brochures and manuals that require translations. With the help of translation services, these terminologies and jargons can be converted into other languages that can be understood by other people based from their locations. Cultural differences and identities are understood. Translators convert contents not just based on the order of texts but also based on their usage on a particular country. Translations are made by considering the specific attitude and culture of a country. This is done in order for readers to learn more about the countrys culture and mentality. It promotes travel and tourism. This is the major contribution of translation services into a specific country. It helps people appreciate the beauty and culture of other countries. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: