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Business Steel is used for the making of pipes as well as pipe fittings since a large number of years due to its strength and flexibility. As steel provides high resistance to direct heat, this property adds to the admiration and demand of steel to make pipes and fittings. These steel pipes and fittings are used widely in industrial and residential purposes to carry water, fire sprinkler system and flammable gases and that too in a secure manner. Some of the not to be missed advantages of steel pipes include: *Resistant to very high pressures *Easy to install, maintain, operate and connect *Perfect for the extension work in pumping stations, riverbanks, steep sloping crossings and reservoirs *Feature of withstanding traffic vibrations and shocks The two varieties of steel pipes are: Carbon steel- It is more strong and durable than any other type of steel that makes it really suitable to make pipe fittings. Also .monly known as the plain carbon steel, it is an iron based and malleable metal that contains carbon and manganese. Steel can be subjected to different processes and can be cast to wrought or shape into numerous mill forms. Carbon is the primary strengthening and hardening element that is present in steel and offers maximum strength and hardness and reduced weld-ability and ductility. Galvanized steel- To protect steel pipes from corroding, steel needs to be coated with zinc layer with the help of a chemical procedure. This form of steel provides resistance to corrosion and rust thereby making it highly preferred to make pipes and pipeline fittings. This also helps in increasing the overall life term of the pipe fittings as well. Steel pipes are preferred over the iron ones due to the fact that the latter requires a shielding polyethylene casing for the areas of corrosive soils. Also, these iron pipes with diameters over 1000 m are really expensive since they demand special technology. On the other hand, stainless steel is highly utilized to make pipe fittings due to the fact that they are resistant to corrosion and oxidation alike in different man made and natural environments. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: