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Movies-TV Beowulf, a movie with Anthony Hopkins (2007) is set in Denmark in the year 507 A.D. This epic old English verse and ancient story of heroism and betrayal is brought entertainingly to life in this screen adaptation which is strikingly animated by means of .puter generated graphics, sword and sandals fantasy adventure film. A fascinating and .pletely pleasing film, with picturesque Icelandic vistas shot by Jan Kiesser and a undying theme of religious conflict (Christianity versus Nordic paganism) and intolerance. Initially made in 3D, to best show off the special effects, the film is a must have DVD for your home cinema, notably the directors cut version, with special features with reference to the technical making of the film, design and filming, which makes interesting viewing. Anthony Hopkins (his .puter generated likeness with his rich voice) plays elderly King Hrothgar, set in a time of demons and dragons, warriors and temptresses in this Viking land. King Hrothgar, to the disapproval of his Queen, Wealthow (Robin Wright Penn) celebrates his conquest of other lands and accumulated riches with drunken cavorting festivities in his new mead hall, where the assembled warriors and wenches make merry with ale, singing and dancing. However, in a dark cave not far away, lurks the massive, half-demon, half-human misshapen Grendel (Crispin Glover) who is sent into a rage at hearing all these sounds of revelry and launches a horrific violent assault on the mead hall and its’ drunken inhabitants, murdering and maiming scores of the brave warriors with his own flesh seemingly unyielding to most weapons although sparing the King’s life, because of previous history between the two, which is shortly revealed. Following this blood-bath the monster returns to his grotto where his mother, a water demon (Angelina Jolie) .forts him. The following day King Hrothgar (Anthony Hopkins) announces that he is willing to pay a substantial sum to liberate his land of Grendel. A hero steps forward proclaiming himself guardian of the realm – Beowulf (Ray Winstone). Beowulf and his fellow Geats undertake to kill the beast in reward for riches and a kingdom. Though at first Grendel seems unbeatable, Beowulf finally manages to defeat him in a fraught and bloody battle to the death. Devastated by her son’s violent demise at the hands of Beowulf, Grendel’s mother, a splendidly sexy naked water siren, sets out in search of revenge. Beowulf is seduced by the pledge of riches & power from Grendel’s mother, a scene not to be missed by fans of Angelina Jolie. So long as the gold dragon horn stays with her, Beowulf would be the most mighty & strongest king, thus his forceful ambition renders Beowulf helpless, powerless to kill her and instead finding himself attracted and enthralled by her sexual power. King Hrothgar kills himself doubtless because he feels the guilt of losing his bastard monster son, Grendel and the demons mother too. Beowulf old and unexpectedly the gold dragon horn mysteriously finds its way to him and he sees this as a signal that his reign as the indomitable King is over. The sentence, ‘Sins of the Father’ haunts Beowulf and it is probable his bastard demon son that is creating havoc in his kingdom, standing by to take over Beowulf’s throne & his Kingdom. Later, Beowulf encounters the biggest challenge of his life when he attempts to slay a mighty dragon. The most awesome CGI (.puter generated imagery) element in the Beowulf movie, in my view, is the Dragon. In the astonishing battle against the Dragon, Beowulf is almost impaled on a stake. In this vicious battle against the dragon, who is actually his son, Beowulf even has to sever his own arm in order to kill it. It is clear that his monster son, the Dragon demon does not anticipate to kill him as he is intent on trying to kill the Queen, Beowulf’s youthful lover. It is as though his son expresses his frustrations that his father, Beowulf resents his demon mother and himself. The Anthony Hopkins movie is a spell-binder, a fully fledged cinematic assault on the senses, as if an old painting of Norse Gods had sprung to life and begun hurling spears, arrows .plete with geysers of blood spurting in all directions and exceptional sound effects. A celebration of daring , carnivorous manhood married with up-to-date technological wizardry and punctuated with cunning humour and a surprisingly .plex sting in its’ tale. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: