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How Ebikes Are The Next Big Step For Personal Transportation Posted By: vikram kumar The humble bicycle is and remains one of the most efficient means of personal transportation over short distances (say, within the limits of a city). But the next evolutionary step in the quest to make bicycles even better are ebikes. Ebikes are electrically powered bicycles. Using a slightly modified drivetrain involving a bicycle hub motor and a battery pack, the ebike is easily one of the best ways to move about in a city. It is a powerful and versatile piece of machinery that makes your bike rides so much better and interesting. An ebike really is a revolutionary piece of technology that is poised to change the entire scenario for urban personal transportation. Kits are readily available on the market that are used to convert regular bikes into ebikes. These are consolidated pieces of equipment comprising of a bicycle hub motor and associated battery technology. These can be easily assembled to the drivetrain of the bicycle and sits entirely independent of the original mechanism. What this means is that the bike remains perfectly operable via the pedals. The bike can be ridden like a motorcycle as well, with the motor doing all the hard work.

Ebikes Why To Go For A Li-ion Electric Bike With A Hub Motor? Posted By: vikram kumar The Ebike with the Li-ion electric bike conversion kit with bicycle hub motor is aimed at converting your old bike into a better, far more durable but most importantly, a highly environment friendly electric bicycle. This is a means to upgrade from the old bikes to a newer and technologically superior bicycle hub motor that is a great deal more efficient than an ordinary bike. Besides this, an Ebike is preferred by most as besides being a swifter bike, it minimizes environmental pollution due to the toxic fumes that are given out by vehicles. Apart from eliminating toxic vehicular fumes, the Ebike is known for the simplistic measure by which it can be set up with a simple tool kit such that an ordinary everyday bike turns into an environment friendly Li ion electric bike. As an added benefit, not only do the Ebikes become faster means of transport, but they are also lightweight, with rainproof body to prevent rust, and have a high torque. The Li ion batteries are durable to further lessen pollution. This is a healthier option than the pollution causing bikes. The installation is a simplified process.

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