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Reference-and-Education A .mon notion amongst both parents and educationists is that the children, nowadays, play too many video games and watch too much of TV. The notion is sadly true, so what do you do? Give your children puzzles to play withthey will not only help them cultivate essential skills but will also help them develop their visual, aural and verbal senses and improve creativity and analytical thinking. The results will be that your child will have improved coordination and a high level of creativity. When you offer your children that vividly painted chunky wood ABC puzzle (in Danish abc puslespil ), you will find that they will not only have a wonderful time learning from them but will also begin devising new ways to play with them. In addition, puzzles that have nature, sea life, fishes, animals, birds etc. as themes are perfect additions to a Sunday school class and also for parents who want a favorite toy for their child. Remember how you used to play scrabble (or perhaps you still do in your leisurely hours). Well you will find the same variant for your child in ABC letters and an ABC puzzle. Including number and alphabet puzzles, with 123 and ABC letters (in Danish ABC bogstaver ) in wood, in your childs learning process can be quite a good decision. The process itself of identifying and recognizing letters and numbers and then putting them or arranging them in an asked order or manner can play a vital role in your childs learning process. The time they spend will also last for hours at an end because the pieces themselves are interesting in looks with their different sizes and vivid colorsso they will rarely lose interest and continue to have fun while they learn. Be sure to get puzzles for your children, which are appropriate or fit for his/her age. Do not get a 5 year old a puzzle meant for a 12 year oldthis will lead to failed attempts on the childs side making him/her discouraged. If you see your child getting frustrated with a puzzle then take it away for a while, give a small hint or two or simply replace it with a simpler puzzle. The puzzles you get for your child should be made up of high quality and durable hardwood and there should be no harmful chemicals in it. The products available online conform to all norms and have eco-friendly materials and paints. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: